I was staring at a wall of ribbons today when for some reason i realized that i haven't even posted my top ten picks for our febuary collection that is in store now! I have been so busy preparing a nice surprise for you all that will be revealed this sunday, another project that has been months in the making so i can't wait to show you, and seem to have lost track of the days and any concept i had of time. I also have thought of our next promotional giveaways and really really want to draw the winner of our YSL giveaway sooner than then 1st of March but am thinking against it. Believe me, it is such a strange feeling when you start arguing with yourself and i'm beginning to think i should start working outside in the sunshine with some fresh air if it was even feasible!

Our new listings will be up next tuesday with nearly 100 new pieces going up for auction. I had a wonderful op shopping trip yesterday in sydney and not only found the most divine vintage dresses but also pieces from zara, george gross and zimmerman! I also stumbled across a burberry jacket, checkered lining and all, for only $99 but couldn't justify spending the money on something i didn't completely love as it was a weird burnt orange color!? My dear friend amy who i like to call 'my sensible' talked me out of it and we went and spent $2.95 on chocolate thickshakes with oreos from macdonalds instead :)

Oh, and don't forget to enter our $100 giveaway with HOME or suggest your friends on facebook to go into the running to win our vintage YSL clutch!


1. Vintage layered tulle dress with ribbons.

2. Vintage sailor cut out swirl dress.

3. Vintage white criss cross boho dress.

4. Vintage black sunflower grunge dress.

5. Vintage khaki summer dress with bow.

6. Vintage denim overalls.

7. Vintage Nautical jacket with white lapel trim.

8. Vintage black sailor top with d/breasted buttons.

9. Vintage purple high waist shorts.

10. Vintage black lace up ankle boots from tokyo.


  1. I love the navy dress with white trimming. and those boots are fantastic!

  2. GAH... $99?? Understandable, I guess, seeing as it's Burberry, but still - that's quite a lot! I'm still yet to find that $2 vintage Chanel bag but I'm sure it's out there somewhere, silently calling to me. One day, one day!

  3. Shock horror!! I log in on eBay to find that all your items
    have dissapeared. Have I missed the aution? I thought
    I had til tomorrow to bid. I am extremely dissapointed
    as I had my eyes on a few things. I am very much looking
    forward to your new listing :)

  4. sarah- i know, $99! i just couldn't deal with the color. my friend picked up a black chanel quilted bag for $15 at our local car boot sale, if only i went to that stall first!

    anon- we are experiencing a major glitch with ebay and am awaiting there reply. all of our listings have disappeared and we are frantically trying to find them. a preview of our next listings will be up tomorrow night on our gpv facebook page so be sure to have a look :)

  5. The sailor dress - WOW! Has it sold?
    I think it's extremely dangerous for us to have just discovered this site, the pieces look beautiful. We'll definitely be back regularly!