If you haven't noticed by now all of our active listings have disappeared! I thought i would let you all know that ebay has replied to my email and are yet to conclude what exactly has happened to my 86 items and said they will be refunding all of my listing fees. This has happened at the worst possible time, the day before my auction was scheduled to close and i have no idea how to feel about the situation. I would like to think i am a very optimistic person so i have taken this all in my stride and looked at it as a blessing in a very ugly disguise. I would never willingly take any time off unless it was forced upon me and with so much going on right now with college going back this week i am thinking of taking it 'easy' over the next two weeks after i get my head around re listing all of the missing items. Ah, i want to cry.

But please don't stress, this store is my life and i have our next febuary collection all prepped and ready to go with photos being uploaded tomorrow night which you can see a sneak peek on our gpv facebook page :) I have 100+ new vintage pieces that i will be re listing with our 86 missing items so expect a HUGE STORE UPDATE in the next two weeks! I'm thinking of taking a road trip down south next week to scope out some untouched opshops in the middle of nowhere and return with even more amazing gems! See, when in the world would i have been able to do that, blessing in disguise?

oh, and the surprise i was talking about in the previous post will be up tomorrow! i cannot waittttt :) Here's some pieces that will be listed soon as well as this super cute dove i found and made into a hair clip. He'll be making a lot more appearances in the next couple of shoots :)

{Green jacket/stripe shirt/floral cropped jacket: vintage & all available in store soon!}


  1. Aw no! I hope everything works out alright!! xx

  2. Hey Nicole! What a nightmare!This has happened to me before :-( Did you speak to Ebay because this used to happen to the company I last worked for but you can contact an account manager at Ebay and they can sort it for you/give you a reason! Love the dove and the new outfits x

  3. i love ur outfits and ur so amaaaazing nicole! i put some of ur pics on my tumblr too! youre very inspiring!!! and gorgeous of course... hehe anyways good luck with the store i was wondering where ur listings were but yeahh... cant wait to see more ;)


  4. Hi
    Love your clothes and feel so sorry
    about what happened to your items...
    totally random but...
    wear did u get that black tulle skirt
    it is AMAZING!!

  5. thank you guys, you have no idea how i felt when i saw they had all disappeared but will be returning with so many more items! cant wait :)

    an jaeden- thank you so much! i had a look at your tumblr and blog and it's so cute. i was thinking about getting a tumblr but thought it might be blog overkill.

    anon- if you give me your email i can inform you about the tulle skirt, it's a bit top secret right now.

  6. LOVE that turquoise :)
    excellent blog and love the store:
    stop by some time and let me know if you'd like to do an interview with me some time about your work! xx

  7. marjorie- thank you kindly :)
    i love hearing peoples feedback and yours was too lovely. i looked at your blog and it is quite beautiful! i would love to do an interview with you. my email is nicole@garypeppervintage.com so shoot me an email when you have time.

  8. You are absolutely stunning. I love the way you've styled yourself in the few pictures I've seen. I'm happy that I stumbled upon your blog today! I'll make sure to keep checking for future posts. I guess you still haven't got the site going on ebay? I checked it out but saw nothing yet. Unless I just don't know what I'm doing because I've never bought anything on e-bay. Anyway, if you have the time, check my blog out too. I always want feedback on the positives and negatives. As well, when you do you ship to Canada?

  9. sorry I meant to say DO you ship to Canada...not "when you do ship to Canada"