I'm sure you can all feel my pain when i sit here and tell you how hard it is to try and get back in to the swing of things, and when i say swing of things, i mean work, not sleeping in, going to the gym and saving money again. So in other words... I've really 'let myself go'. I'm certainly still suffering from the Christmas bug where we can be carefree and run wild with hardly any responsibilities. But alas, with the new year beginning and the last episode of Dexter under my belt, i managed to achieve something today. Here's a sneak peek of our new stock for 2010 which will be up Tuesday the 5th of January from 7pm. i also have items from carla zampatti, veronkia maine, bettina liano, wrangler, cue and anthea crawford to kick off our first collection of the year. You can believe my horror when i realized that even though i divided all the stock i returned from Tasmania into two separate auctions for January, i still have 106 items going up for auction tomorrow night. onehundredandsix! I'm actually nervous to have so many items listed at once and am really not looking forward to the process of listing each and every one of these tomorrow morning.

It would be impossible to pick my top three favorites from such a large collectio
n so i thought i would post a handful of items. I'm also in a rush as i saw my first shooting star for 2010 & have a date with my balcony before i go to bed. So enjoy bella's, i'll see you in the morning :)


1. Vintage lace batwing sleeve mod dress.

2. Vintage tartan pleat pinafore.

3. Vintage white checker blazer.

4. Vintage blue curtain hem mini.

5. Vintage cream veronika maine blazer.

6. Vintage blue denim grunge shirt.

7. Vintage kirrily inspired cropped tee.

8. Vintage wrangler high waisted shorts.


  1. Absolute perfect styling! I feel your pain with the listing thing - I would never in a million years attempt 106 garment listings, you're pretty much my hero for that. =)

  2. thank you TCV :) i'm happy to see you have a blog with blogspot, i've been reading your website for a couple of months now. tis fabulous and a perfect web layout.

  3. Good luck. Do they all finish at the same time? You'll be one busy girl.

  4. Hay qt!

    I have just seen the collection on eBay. I gotta say you have scooped up some great finds and you look absolutely gorgeous. The photos look so editorial. Anyway I have been really busy lately but I am off home tommorrow and back into the routine of things so when I get a chance I will enter the GPV comp and add a link on my blog.

    Hope things are well xx