I love january for a handful of reasons. I love january because it's the time of year where summer is kind and will give you a beautiful day in the sun and then a cosy thunderstorm in the afternoon. I love january because everything seems brighter and the people seem happier. I love january because there's always a million things to do and a million things you want to see. I love january because it's my birthday on the 27th and i'm surrounded by the people i love. And i love january because it's the time of year when cadbury creme eggs come on sale and i can guiltily indulge in this little treat every day after the gym. It's the perfect amount of chocolate, the perfect amount of creme with the perfect amount of sweetness, but that's just me :)

{Ring: YSL. Chocolate: Cadbury creme egg.}


  1. Oh God, it's not just me. What a sweet relief. I prefer the Caramello ones. I am not a fan of chocolate, but those eggs. They undo me.

  2. katie, i'm pretty sure they are the reason i have had 9 fillings, a tooth removed & a root canal.

    but they're so good!