After working like a maniac and borderline sweatshop worker for the past two days, i finally have 59 brand new items listed in store tonight. It is by far Gary's largest range to date with some of my absolute favorites on sale. I know I'm being completely biased, I feel like a clucky mother when her child takes their first steps, but i honestly feel every range is getting better and stronger and i'm finding it harder to part with some of these gems. With over 30 summer dresses listed I hope you all will find something you love & just in time for the Christmas holidays :) Have a look here to see our very first December collection.

"Vintage objects have a history. New objects are still searching for theirs".

Top three favorites in store now:

1. Vintage cream backless leaf detail jumpsuit.

2. Vintage rose ruffle layer pearl dress.

3. Vintage two toned nautical pocket dress.

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