This is what my space looks like right now. I am up to my elbows, no, wait, let's say... eyebrows, in things i need to do for the store this week. I feel as if i'm drowning in new ideas and ever growing plans that i have for GPV and i can barely keep up with myself, therefor, mentally exhausted 12 hours a day. Self inflicted, of course :)

Here's a sneak peek of the 52 new items from our very first December collection waiting to be listed this Friday and Saturday night. This range holds two of possibly my all time favorite items i have found for Gary Pepper. One being this stunning backless one piece made from mini pleated, layered fabric and plunging mesh neckline. It's a rare occasion that something takes my breathe away but this one got me hook, line and sinker, and it's up for grabs this weekend for $12.00.

Not to be a tease but wait until you see the backless jumpsuit i have for ya'll... i die.

{One Piece Bodysuit: Vintage & in Store This Saturday. Necklace: A Gift with Vintage Saints, BFF and Tiffany & co. Pendants.}

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