It's a rare occasion that i get to have a night in by myself. Whilst my friends were at Fleetwood Mac, i planned on having an early night as the weight of the past week was quickly catching up with me. Unwinding with a hot cup of english breakfast, a tin of vanilla wafer sticks, monte carlos and one of the most comfortable lounges i have ever experienced, i happily turned off my phone and somehow, unable to move, watched Titanic (ohgodpleasedontask) from start to finish. Some would say this is a little depressing, others would say it's my coming of age, i would laugh and say that i really couldn't be bothered changing the channel and would probably agree with you both. After feeling the way stupid romantic movies make you feel, i was grateful my boyfriend was coming home in just two hours and got thinking about how attractive Leo was in 1997. I should learn from my mistakes but I intend on getting Romeo & Juliet out this weekend, no doubt prepping for my hungover state come Saturday and Sunday morning. Oh dear.

It's moments like these that make my heart flutter.


  1. Oh mine too. Such wonderful movies <3

    minus Titanic, lol