NEW NOVEMBER LISTINGS are up tonight from 7pm! I would highly recommend having a look in our garypeppervintage store as i am absolutely smitten with this weeks finds. I am confident in saying that i have mastered that art of selflessness as i haven't kept one thing for myself. If you're reading this blog, you're obviously a vintage lover and would completely understand how hard this is for us.

I also decided to experiment with my photos this week. The sunglasses came off, the hair was let down, the same three poses and 'closed mouth half smile' were still there but I'm working on that too. I already know one of my New Years resolutions will be to keep changing and improving not only the store, but my photos too. When i have both feet firmly on the ground, i will be dedicating so much more time and effort into styling these shoots for ya'll. Promise.

This is such a quick post tonight. It's Friday and we're experiencing our very first pre- summer thunderstorm right now. It's also my best friends birthday tonight and we're wining and dining at a new Mexican restaurant opened by Ken West last week. There's nothing like the sound of rain, a warm evening breeze, 20 of your closest friends and a table full of greasy Mexican to start off your weekend :)

Top three favorites in store now:

1. Vintage Red lace Sienna dress.

2. Vintage cream Lace Victorian Pleat dress.

3. Vintage White Tuxedo Boyfriend blazer.


  1. Awesome finds hunny! Cannot wait to check the rest out

  2. hi nicole! my sister and I began our vintage shop on etsy a couple of weeks ago. I've been following your blog for a month now and cannot begin to fathom how unbelievable your journey has been with your store/ blog and success. You are an inspiration for us all. And yes, I completely understand with the whole finding pieces and not trying to keep a single one. It's very difficult. Lastly, thank you for doing what you're business owner, you continue to evolve and grow which we all can learn from.

    yours truly,