It's Wednesday and i feel like telling you all a little secret about those impossible vintage finds and where to find them. Introducing, Claire Inc, one of my all time favorite Ebay stores. Based in Adelaide, Founder and Owner Belinda travels the world scoping out the most unbelievable designer vintage pieces and brings them back, offering them to us for a fraction of the retail price. From Givenchy, Escada, Fendi, Dian Von Furtsenberg to YSL, Valentino, Chanel and Chloe, Clarie Inc is guaranteed to hold that perfect little gem you're willing to spend a whole weeks pay for. But be warned: She has impeccable taste, effortlessly chic photo shoots and the most translucent skin it'll make your grandmother cry for mercy. Sigh... Some girls really do lead such blessed and amazing lives. One day at a time, Nicole. One day at a time...

Top three favorites in store now:

1. Christian Dior Boyfriend Blazer- Currently going for $180 via Ebay.

2. Christian Dior Cream Polkadot Ruffle Dress- $395.

3. Oscar De La Renta Vintage Striped Playsuit- $295.


  1. Have had her saved as a favourite for over a year now but unfortunately my income is still not supportive of such purchases :(

  2. Le pearl- I like that we share the same love for Claire Inc. She is one of my favorites :) Unfortunately, i was just outbid on the Dior boyfriend blazer. It sold for $200.50. Sigh.

  3. That's freaky, I was just looking at your blog and your comment popped into my inbox. I did flip a bit. What? What? What did I do? What did I hit? Hang on, this is a kosher comment made while I was reading your blog. Glad you like the op shop tour program. More to come. And they're close to you too. Very excited. More op shopping goodness on my blog too. Just getting stuff organised.

  4. Katie- Yes that was i. Just leaving some admiration on your cute blog. I really mean what i wrote, the op shop tours sound wonderful. please let me know when you arrange the next ones and i will send out the dates to my Gary Pepper facebook list :)