There are several things that i like today. I like sleeping in and boycotting the gym, waking up next to a hundred freckles and a set of blue eyes, Cadbury rocky road chocolate, the humidity in the air, the little yellow roses creeping up the telegraph pole on the way to work, and a quick mention of Gary Pepper on Sweet Figments blog. They noted two of my items currently listed on Etsy.com which led me to question: Ebay or Etsy? I would love to divide my stock between two stores but it's like separating sour cream and sweet chilli, you need both in order to compliment one another and how would you decide? I'm currently team Ebay but my thoughts are constantly changing. What do you guys think?

I'm not too sure why my inspiration today looks heavily influenced by Christmas? One of my closest friends is having a white Christmas in New York this year so perhaps it's my subconscious envy kicking in? Either way, I think I'll go looking for one of those chocolate calenders tomorrow. Just another thing i happen to like today :)


  1. I agree le pearl :)

    But there is so many more international buyers on Etsy...