I would like to happily introduce you all to Chrissy Lau. She is an artist/illustrator from Yorkshire, England but now resides in Sydney and is "taking on the world, one drawing at a time". Over the past week we have been excitedly sending emails back and fourth getting to know each other, talking about ideas and aspirations, even daul kim and bleaching our hair blonde and oddly enough, marriage? Her fiance is actually from my hometown and they will be getting married here in May so talk about a very small world! These are some of the super cute illustrations she has so generously offered to do for Gary Pepper. Honestly, i could not be happier with them and love that my big black bow and red lipstick seem to be turning into a bit of a signature.
I've had some offers since talking about collaborating with Chrissy on my blog a couple of days ago and actually declined all ever so graciously. It made me realize not only how beautiful her style of work is (i already knew that) but how hard it must be to find an artist who has such simular taste to you. To me, i wouldn't even call it collaborating, working with Chrissy has been a walk in the park and i genuinely love all the drawings she has done for me so far. The attention to detail, the beautiful watercolors, the wave like hair that reminds me of Ponyo, it is all so refreshing and completely unique. It's how i would draw if i could.. draw? Also, Chrissy has just been signed to an illustration agency yesterday and is now represented by "The Illustration Room" so a big congratulations! She has an upcoming exhibition at "This little piggy", China Heights Gallery, Surry Hills, Sydney- 12/02/2010 so be sure to go have a look :)

We're in the process of doing an interview which should be up in the next day or so. You can check out more drawings she has done for GPV here, and these are a handful of favorites from her website which you can check out here:

{Artist: Chrissy Lau//}


  1. love love love. Going to stalk her work now.

  2. Gorgeous, both drawings and nicole. x

  3. ah, thankyou both.
    i think you will like her work le pearl :)

  4. really nice!U should check out my designs!

  5. hello JK- i just looked at your blog. your drawings a lovely and i look forward to seeing more on your blog :)