My topshop order finally arrived on friday! I've pretty much worn these socks all weekend and it looks like they won't be going anywhere anytime soon, i'm in love. They may have been double the price but we just don't have good quality knee highs here, or anywhere really? I'm still patiently waiting for my jeffrey campbell kicks to arrive and was hoping to debut them on the weekend, where in the world are theyyyy? I'm also thinking of auctioning off some of my heels from my personal collection in the next two weeks as my wardrobe is just overflowing with neglected beauties :) But to add to my favorites is this newly acquired knitted jumper that i decided on keeping for myself. It is unbelievably soft and ridiculously comfortable, something i think every girl needs in their wardrobe. Perhaps a little inappropriate for the warm weather here though. Like an idiot i had to wear it now and quickly realized that wool was such a bad choice. One thing is for sure, i've never been so excited for the colder weather to be upon us. Hello, old man winter, i'm ready and cannot wait to see you :)

A good night with great friends.
Nice toast with nicer marmalade :)

{Jumper & brocches: thrifted, socks: topshop, wedges: wittner.}


  1. We lack alot of good things here... creepers are definately one. ps, you are looking so cute, i love knee high socks xx

  2. Hello Nicole thanks for dropping by. Topshop is my favourite shop! This is the only place I used to buy my clothes when I lived in england- I miss it so much!There is an outlet on Oxford St now through another company- I can't remember the name of it when I do will let you know! Love your bday photos too!:-)

  3. ah, i am so jealous that you had access to the REAL topshop. i will make it there one day, the topshop in japan was terrible and i was really disappointed. I've been to the one in sydney, next to incu? and again, love the illustrations lovely. amazing :)