Good morning. ah, sadly my week of bliss is coming to an end. I will be attempting to start my weekly routine as of tomorrow and am really not looking forward to hitting the gym and grocery shopping again. But the past week has been wonderful, i had some quality time to myself and did whatever i pleased, whenever i pleased. I also had time to do a couple of things i never have time to do anymore like: bake muffins & cupcakes (which were both equally terrible), finish presents that were 6months overdue, donate blood, afternoon swims, make toasted sandwiches for lunch, wander aimlessly through freedom and paint some things i've been meaning to for weeks. Today i plan on swimming in the ocean until i'm wrinkly enough to resemble a sultana :)

my sunday inspiration:

{via, random collection of photos.}

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  1. nicole! Thank you so much for your comment! I checked a while ago but they were all sold out, must have just gotten in a fresh batch of boots. Oh and you have some really nice stuff listed at the moment, 104 jesus christ, have fun with posting all of them out.