Here's the collection of various bits and pieces i picked up on my op shopping trip today. Usually i don't find so many wonderful accessories in one day but it seems god was being kind, maybe because he feels guilty for making the weather so unbearably hot for a Tuesday? My vanity is literally overflowing with vintage jewelery and i probably don't need any more right now, but I have a very weak spot for pretty brooches and outrageous gold pieces, you wouldn't believe how many gold chains i own. Best find of the day would have to go to the 18K gold floral ring and matching brooch i picked up for a mere $10! The ladies hadn't realized the set was 18K and said they should be charging me more but won't, that's why i love the nature of the elderly, friendly and always kind. I plan on wearing the 5 beaded necklace & gold square plated belt this weekend to celebrate my birthday as well as making the wooden necklace into elastic bracelets i can wear in the ocean. The over sized pink sunglasses will also make their debut this week which i am absolutely smitten with. When i have them on i seem to resemble what would like the love child of mary kate olsen slash john lennon slash a strawberry.

oh, and there's nothing more hip than the beaded headbands and scrunchies i got. They may not be in fashion but i just had to have them! I like them so much that I actually squealed when i saw them from across the room which never really happens anymore.

Today i also saw for the very first time, a girl wearing one of Gary Peppers items that she bought from our store a couple of weeks ago when i was running through town to get some ice cream. It was so surreal and amazing and she looked absolutely stunning in it so right now i couldn't be any more happier :)

gosh, today was a great day.

{From top left clockwise: Vintage black/gold beaded headband, vintage white/gold beaded headband, vintage black satin pleated bag, vintage black/silver pearl brooch, vintage gold chain, vintage wooden jesus beads, vintage gold square plated belt, vintage large cream/coral elizabeth brooch, vintage white/gold satin beaded scrunchie, vintage rose pink circle glasses, vintage large gold 5 bead necklace, vintage 18K coral rose ring with matching gold brooch, vintage white rose beaded hair clip.}


  1. omg this is a top haul!

    I wish I was that lucky in my local vintage stores/op shops.

  2. Ohhhh, I am very envious! Well done!

  3. gosh! those sunnies are beautiful! i l o v e them! xox