I've been contemplating buying these Jeffrey Campbell 'Mary Roks' suede booties all week. I've tossed, i've turned, i've tried to talk myself out of it but i finally did it, i purchased these little babies online today! Hopefully they'll be on my doorstep within next week as the wait is going to be torturous! I'm starting to worry as i'm running out of excuses to help justify splurging on myself. This is what i like to call a pre birthday present and a must have staple for my winter wardrobe. I'm also combing the net for three other pairs of his wedged boots: The 'Alexa', The 'Tick' and of course The 'Pixie' that seem to have been over killed on fashion blogs worldwide and therefor, sold out everywhere. I should have got them back in November when i had the chance instead of being a stupid responsible person. sigh. Now, off to list 80+ new items for the store that will up this sunday night!

{From left clockwise: the 'clinic', the 'alexa', the 'poland', the 'alley', the 'pixie, the 'tick', the 'mary roks'.}


  1. Oooo, looking forward to a blog post with the boots? You better! hehe

    If you find a pair of 'The Pixie' let me know where, they're freakin' sweet.


  2. these are pretty effin amazing <3

    I want them all, I am so jelous of you :(

  3. Thanks to your tip, I ended up ordering the pixies. Can't wait to get them!

  4. brooke- you can pre order them on: and they should be restocked by the end of febuary :)

    and sarah- i should have got them when i saw them too! so very happy that you ordered them!