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Before the craziness of NZFW began I had the pleasure of popping into the Stolen Girlfriends Club studio to preview their new AW 11/12 collection titled "Here Lies The Bones". There's something about seeing the garments sitting neatly on their racks and being able to touch and feel each one, inspecting them closely to discover tiny little details you would have missed on the runway, then seeing them come to life on each model and look even better then you originally thought. I suppose that's the beauty of hiring attractive models, right? Things to note are the insane and extremely intricate lace pieces, faux fur bucket bags and hats, padded leather laptop cases that double as a side bag and Stolen Girlfriends Club's second consecutive year collaborating with It shoe designer, Jeffrey Campbell. The result I saw was a chunky wooden platform boot and customized Doc Marten's with a silver chain trim that I can see hoards of girls wearing down Oxford Street. A special thank you to Marc for taking time out of his busy schedule to show us around his showroom.

Two shows that drew the most interesting and fashionable crowds during NZFW was Ruby and Stolen Girlfriends Club. I wasn't sure if I was more interested in people watching or watching the show. Stolen Girlfriends Club are renowned for their unique and unpredictable shows, so I knew we were in for a treat when I arrived at a brightly lit and grungy warehouse. Staying true to their reputation, SGC surprised everyone by sending their models down a runway made entirely from metal scaffolding and concrete floors in what looked to be 80's prom gowns. With Madonna's 'Like A Virgin' blasting in the background, each model paused, ripped off their gowns, and revealed sexy sheer dresses from Stolen's "Here Lies The Bones" AW 11/12 collection. A very cool way to grab our attention to say the least. What we saw was a collection that stayed true to the their grungy, sexy and down right cool aesthetic, with skull printed denim, oversized knits, corset leather shorts and mammoth faux fur jackets and skirts. Delicate sheer lace dresses and free flowing skirts and dresses added an element of sexiness, with knitted beanies and chunky boots giving this collection it's SGC edge. Faux fur bags and oversize backpacks made their debut and I couldn't help but think how much Mandy from Oracle Fox needed these in her life. I for one am already envisioning how many things I could shove into this backpack for summer. Loved how Stolen Girlfriends Club Marc Moore and Dan Gosling closed the show by carrying a life size cardboard cut out of their missing Creative Director Luke Harwood down the runway, reinforcing just how unique and quirky this NZ trio is worldwide famous for.


  1. Instantly fell in love with all the sheer detail, lace up shorts, and fur galore. Ecstatic about the collaboration!


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  3. Ohhhh...that leather skirt, and white lace shirt..absolute perfection.

  4. oh it looks amazing on the runway.
    i met dan recently at an event in sydney and got to look at all the next season stuff, how amazing is the skeleton printed lace! and those fury bucket bags.
    also their business cards!
    god i love stolen girlfriends club. deffs fave.

  5. i love absolutely everything! :)

  6. you are very fortunate to have been able to see a production like this in person. i think i'm in love with everything (with the exception of the doc martin-esque boots: too soon for me since the 90s)! i want the see through lace dress desperately! great post!

  7. omg loving all the designs!! <3 <3


  8. Very fun and elegant, in a haunting way!

    xx Grace

  9. love love love this brand!

    your blog is so amazing and inspiring for someone like me froma small little wannabe blog!

    are you from NZ????? because thats where im from! or were you just over for NZFW?




  10. The lace is amazing... and love the loose jumper and metallic leggings from Ruby too. Great that you managed to get the blog running again!!

  11. Excuse me miss! This is what we've been waiting for! Ah - mazing!!
    xxxxxxx lol mands

  12. That's a lovely collection! Love everything!


  13. There isn't a single thing in that show that I wouldn't wear, I think that's the sing of an amazing show!!

  14. omg, these are so AMAZING! i just love it!

    Fashion Philosophy

  15. Great collection. Love the leather lace up shorts.



  16. amazing photos!especially those boots!it's really killing to see them!


  17. One of my favorite labels! I'm about to do a post on them - stay tuned!


  18. gorgeous pieces!


  19. I am in love with the entire collection!
    thanks for sharing!

  20. I would happily any of these pieces. Sounds like a wonderfully imaginative show to see in person too.


  21. omigoodness. these photos are beautiful and so is the fashion! so cool that you got to attend such an amazing event!



  22. Adore the tan leather shorts!!

    Joy xx