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I thought I would do a quick beauty post for everyone who has asked me what products I use for my wine coloured lips. I start by slowly outlining my lips with Estee Lauder Double Wear Lip Pencil in Wine, $38 (www.esteelauder.com.au) and then carefully filling them completely in. I then apply a light coat of Rogue Dior Lipstick in Fantastic Plum, $50 (www.dior.com) and finish off the look with a triple, yes triple coat of Revlon Classic Nail Enamel in Vixen, $13.95 (www.revlon.com.au) to give you some perfect paws too.

I love (and will now swear by) the Estee Lauder lip pencil. It really is the perfect shade of wine, which makes it so easy to add whichever shade of lipstick over the top. If you are after a more maroon/burgundy lip colour I would suggest trying a different shade of lipstick. The Dior lipstick is more of a dark purple and can be quite dark and a touch on the gothic side if you apply too much. I really fell in love with Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Pairs or Venise, $32 (www.chanel.com) so perhaps try that, or have a look around to find the perfect shade for you and maybe enjoy a glass of wine too! :)


  1. How ironic, I've just made a beauty related post too! Rouge Dior lipsticks are my favorite<3

  2. That polish is gorgeous, must get soon! x

  3. the lip color looks so pretty!

  4. the color of the lipstick is lovely !

  5. lovely...these look amazing on you

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  6. love that dark purple lipstick, i wish i could pull it off like you!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  7. that shade of lipstick is beautiful
    i'm currently in a red lips phase
    but i might have to try this afterward

  8. Loving the lipstick <3

    XOXO, Monse F.-

  9. I've been looking for a plum colored lipstick. Great tip!

  10. That lipstick is such a beautiful shade!

    Fox Whiskers

  11. That is one expensive lipstick. But thanks for divulging your secret :)
    Any thoughts on corals?

  12. wonderful colour!! it looks really good on you :)


  13. i loved your wine colours so much that this morning i went to priceline and they had a sale, buy one lip/nail colour, and get another free... and fate had it be that one vixen shade was left. you have beautiful style. xo

  14. Thanks for sharing! This lipcolour looks great on you!


  15. you always wear such amazing lipstick! x

  16. that really is such a rich and beautiful color!

  17. love the shoes!


  18. You always look so beautiful in the wine hues! Thanks for sharing with us your beauty tips.

    much love.

  19. Think i might have to invest in some! I do love wine-y colours/shades :) theyre so chic!
    i want to the nail polish!!



  20. I am so glad you posted this lip color - it is fab on you. Gotta love a Dior Lip

    xoxo Ash


  21. the colour of the lipstick and the nail varnish is amazing! :)


  22. That nail polish is the perfect shade of wine, I've been looking for one just like it for ages - must have a look at Revlon, thank you! x

    Spinning Arrow

  23. Gorgeous! I definitely want to try this. :)


  24. you always look so amazing and that colour lipstick looks amazing on you! thanks for sharing the tips so I can try it myself now!:)

  25. That red dior lipstick = amazing.

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  26. the Dior Lipstick is indeed an amazing one! my momma uses it and her lips are always shimmering!


  27. You apply nailpolish to your lips?

  28. This is great color,i love it.

  29. Love the colour! Great brands too xoxo


  30. oh. you make some effort in applying your lipstick, i'm always colouring outside of the lines :(

  31. That colour looks divine one you ^^


  32. those shoes are insane!
    i admire who can pull off those rich saturated colors for lips.
    I'm kind of shy and i usually don't go beyond the comfort zone of nude lipsticks

  33. was i the only one who thought you wear nail varnish on your lips?or is it some trade secret i didn't know about?!! O_o

  34. Thanks so much for posting this. I went out that day and bought the lip liner - lucious shade and stays put forever. And think I've found another perfect match lippy - Chanel Rouge in 'Rivoli' no. 21, even on it's own it's a beautiful berry shade. This has now topped my makeup bag of faves and kicked ol' faithful red into second place!

  35. Amazing!! Thank you so much... I will try these out!

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