C R Y S T A L L I S E D .

(Crystallised by Vintage Lover)

So i'm hoping i'm not the only one who does this but the other day i wrote a list of things i want to do and would like to achieve with my blog this year. I think it's so important to be constantly trying to find ways to improve your work whether that be your career or even your blog. For me, it's both. I'm always thinking of ways to improve, to grow, to expand. There's never a moment when my mind is quiet and for some reason that's the way i like it. Sometimes i feel like my mind looks like Shibuya crossing with a thousand things crossing my mind at once and all going in different directions. Maybe with a few anime characters and kawaii cats in there too..

One goal on my list this year is to start posting beautiful look books i come across. There seems to be an influx that arrive in my inbox lately but i never get time to post about them. I'm hoping that by doing this it will help to break up my personal posts and hopefully help me to post more consistently, which is my main goal.

The first lookbook i want to share with you is "Crystallised" by Vintage Lover. Not only is it absolutely beautiful but Jaharn is one of the nicest vintage sellers i've come across and is more of a friend than anything else, even though she's half way across the world in London and we've never actually met before. It's comforting to know there are vintage sellers out there who like to work and support one another and who are genuinely happy for you. And right now i couldn't be happier for Jaharn and her store. After months of hard work her stunning lookbook is complete and it couldn't be more welcomed. You can shop the Vintage Lover collection HERE.


  1. Lovely photos :) like her style!

    Fashion Rehab

  2. Beautiful photos!:)


  3. beautiful photos! =)

    In Aie's Shoes

  4. love it. and especially loving her hair cut. AND especially loving how supportive you are to others! AWESOME!

  5. love the hat in the first picture!


  6. lookbooks really are special - knowing there is a lot of preparation and organizing behind the scenes, you come to appreciate the personal efforts behind the project.

    my friend and I collaborated and produced our own here DESERT HAZE LOOKBOOK

    Would love for you to see it :)

    x Your Only Blackswan

  7. love the picture frame photo.....great blog post!

    love, live & wear

    xo, L

  8. the pics are great. ahh I know the model, shes from Brizzy! so funny suddenly seeing her on here!!

  9. I love these photos. So pretty.


  10. Wow those photos are amazing. I love the clothes and the styles!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  11. Love these photos! The model is stunning. Thanks for sharing:)

  12. Jaharn is awesome and I love this lookbook. I also like the idea of you posting lookbooks and other bits and bobs, I'm sure anything that inpires you will inspire all of us readers too!


  13. pretty photos. Absolutely adore the video !


  14. I love this lookbook, thanks for posting! :D

  15. you look really wonderful! I like your style so much :)


  16. These pics are all freaking stunning! love them !

  17. Hii, I'm Jesss

    First off, I adore your blog & the name is very catchy :)

    i hope you do well with your blog and achieve all you want to in the upcoming year.

    all the best!

  18. wauw, you have such a unique look.
    it's breathtaking!
    <3 beautiful dear.


  19. Ill have to check that out, lucky for me shes in London, what a beautoful Lookbook, and also I think its the most postive thing to always look to achieve more! x

  20. Such cool pictures! I love the first look and then the one with the pink blouse on, handing the brushes. Great set!

  21. You guys need to remove the SOLD items from your website or add a button that says, What is not sold! I love your clothes I just get annoyed with the sold sign on all the items all the time. : )

  22. beautiful photos and outfits


  23. She needs to close her mouth!! for god's sake a mouth breather!

  24. Trust me, i've tried to do this slightly open mouth model glare thing and it's extremely hard. I always looks like a stuffed rabbit but this model does it quite well :)