S U N S H I N E.


I think the perfect day for me is when there's a beautiful warmth from the sun yet a slight chill in the air that you can still snuggle with your (boy)friend and enjoy a relaxing afternoon together, plus a brightly coloured picnic rug. Luke and i decided to have a picnic up the coast on this amazing secluded beach where you could run and scream and do cartwheels and whatever you please and there wouldn't be 100 tourists staring at you wondering if you were bananas. I also finally got to wear this amazing vintage floral two piece that i have decided to keep after weeks of contemplating. Out of all my years of opshopping, i've never found one that fits me so well nor one with such beautiful vibrant colours so i'm really glad i kept it as it was just too perfect for this day.

I'm really not used to having a whole day off yet so i really enjoyed amusing myself with the smallest of things like drawing things in the sand and collecting brightly coloured flowers. I also found some yellow post it's in my bag so i decided to surprise luke when he got out of the surf by sticking three reasons why i love him all over his face and to which he hasn't been allowed to see the reasons until now :) I think it's so important to tell the people close to you how much you love them as it's so easy for us to get caught up with our every day issues, issues that seem so irrelevant and small in comparison to the bigger picture. People really tend to forget how a few small words can completely change how you feel and i suppose that's one of the many reasons why i like to tell luke i love him every single day, and feel compelled to stick post it's all over his face.

I also love that he lets me :)

So i hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm heading down south tomorrow to go opshopping again and can't wait to see what i can find! I'm going to have to make some playlists though as this time i'm going by myself and the drive is going to be torture!


  1. nicole! you look absolutely gorgeous in every one of these photos! Love the bikini and love the bright flowers and everything about this post. really stunning!! x

  2. beautiful photos and words.ahh such a perfect day. If I had your job I would find it so hard to let go of the things you find!Can't wait to see your treasures that you bring back...I have my pen poised! :-)

  3. Heya,

    Not sure if you got my last comment but was just wondering what sort of camera you used? you take beautiful shots! :) lizzie

  4. So gorgeous! This post added a little sunshine to my overcast Brisbane day x

  5. wow amazing photos! I love your two piece, i fully want one like this!
    Sooo cute


  6. oh lizzie, i'm so sorry! i thought i replied.
    i shoot with a canon EOS 1000D :)

  7. It sounds like a totally perfect day! I love your floral swimmers (:

  8. No worries! :) Thanks for checking out my blog xo

  9. absolutely stunning
    your style is admirable

    love your blog


  10. those sticky notes are gorgeous!
    and your bathing suit is so retro; I'm in love.


  11. lovely photos! the colours are so vibrant :)

  12. such sweet photos! i'm seriously obsessed with your bathers, they're the cutest thing ever! love it xx

  13. super pretty post! wish it was summer here!



  14. i love these photos the colours are so vibrant and you look stunning.


  15. Your bikini is the cutest thing ever!


  16. Nicole!!! im so happy to see your doing so well and you look like your enjoying yourself! everything looks amazing! love it all!

  17. Your photo's are FLAWLESS.
    Very inspirational, definitely.
    Looks like a postcard kinda photo from any angle.


  18. May I ask where you got your swimmers from!? :):)
    You're very prettty btw.
    I happen to live in Sydney too :)