C O L O U R E D .

So you can all tell when i have had a crazy busy week when my blog is neglected for more than two days. Unfortunately, i've been in chocolate induced coma since last Friday due to easter egg hunts and everything has been moving at half pace ever since. But i finally got all of my 130 new listings in store as of last night so i'm happy to announce i'm free for a day or so, and just in time for the weekend! Luke and i are planning to go up the coast today for a little picnic and to find me the perfect meadow to roll around in. I feel like a change of scenery and it's absurd how beautiful the coast is around here.

I happened to spend my afternoon making some coloured confetti the other day. Apparently, they don't sell it anymore (who knew?) and i really don't like using the metallic plastic confetti as it always seems to hurt so much when i get it in my eye, which seems to happen, alot. But It was so much fun and i'd nearly forgotten how therapeutic working around such bright colors can be. Just another reminder that I really need to dedicate more time to my love for arts and crafts. I have an exciting celebration coming up and i thought confetti was the only thing appropriate for the occasion. Hopefully after my 2 hours of hole punching my confetti works and i can show you all what exactly i am celebarting!

I'm also happy to mention that i was kindly featured in the recent Versaii street fashion flipbook which you can view here. I also did a quick interview with FBI Fashion College a few weeks ago and received my copy the other day. It was such a beautifully written article and my heart jumped when i saw they had kindly featured it on the very front page! A big thank you to Amelia and all the girls at FBI, you're all so kind and i appreciate how much you believe in my store. Just another little thing that is worth celebrating :)



  1. I smile every time you make a new post. Your confetti looks amazing and this way you get to choose your own colours! What's the celebration?


  2. Love confetti. Congratulations about the interview.

  3. congratulations on a beautiful article- very well deserved...can't wait to see a GPV store! Um I can't believe you can't buy confetti...I had the same problem looking for fountain pen ink cartridges...something so simple to find back home. Handmade confetti looks brilliant- you might have to scoop it up afterwards to reuse after all that effort you put in! :-)

  4. I just found your blog, and I absolutely adore it. You have the BEST wardrobe!! Seriously, amazing every time! I am also obsessed with online shopping, so I am sure you will be getting some purchases by me at your store!

    love it all, huge fan!!


  5. Such a lovely article. Congrats!


  6. Also, what kind of camera do you use? The colours are so vivid and the light is always so beautiful x

  7. Your confetti looks beautiful (: also, I did a blog post about you over on my blog, i just had to, i couldn't resist. So please check it out if you have the time!
    xx Brianna

  8. oh i love the colors here! and congratulations on the many features, Nicole! So happy for you!

    deathbyplatforms.blogspot.com :)

  9. oh thank you again!
    you're all so wonderful.

    and chloe- you'll see in a few days what i am celebrating! :)

  10. Congrats babe, btw confetti cutting looks fun fun fun

  11. Congrats on the feature! Love your blog :) x Sushi