I posted this first photo on my tumblr but struggled to stop at only one as i felt that i wasn't doing this amazing ready to wear collection from Topshop unique enough justice. With sheepskin rucksacks, bushy unkempt hair, cable knit thigh highs, animalistic head pieces and over sized antlers, this 'into the woods' inspired show sent my brain into overload. The beautifully whimsical styling made me want to watch Narnia and escape with Aslan into a woodland wonderland just one more time. Oh, and did i mention that their riding boots came with detachable covers equipped with cute as a button brown leather briefcases? It's a given, Topshop never ceases to disappoint.

{photos via dazeddigital.com}


  1. This is a good Halloween 2010 idea! Hmmm...



  2. for some odd reason this collection made me think of 'Where the wild things are'
    great collection nonetheless.

    Love your blog!

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  3. I really wish we had a topshop down here, I don't think their online store does it justice.

  4. ah, i agree meggastatus. we just had 1, in all of australia, just one topshop open in sydney and it's terrible. i'm considering just going to europe myself to go crazy in there :)