I mentioned in my previous post that i received a phone call at the start of the week letting me know that my 'order' was waiting and ready to go. What was it, you ask? After taking over 5 weeks to produce it seems quite surreal that it's finally here. Introducing, the 'AKIRA SKIRT', my very first design for gary pepper's ready to wear collection for 2010!

Aren't they perfect? Completely versatile and made from a cup full of pretty, a slight dash of sweet, a teaspoon of cute, a hint of feminine with a touch of sophistication, and three quarters love, the akira skirt flatters every body shape and will last season after season. I think a skirt like this is one of the main basics every girl should have in their wardrobe, so simple yet effective. I chose the name 'akira' as it means 'bright' or 'shining' in japanese. I liked the thought of every one of you radiating exuberance and elegance when you wore this, and also because it's unique, quirky and used as a common boys name, just like gary when she was first born, and pays tribute to my japanese heritage. Plus, it sounds really pretty and i like it :) It is available in three different colors, black, grey and a beautiful apricot silk, and I will be listing them on ebay tomorrow night, friday the 26th at 7pm at a starting price of only $12.00!

It seems that i'm quickly ticking things off my project list but adding more even quicker. I listed some things on gary pepper pieces the other day but they went within a couple of hours, literally! Am i listing everything too cheap or do you guys just actually love gary pepper that much? Either way, it's wonderful and over whelming and i love each and every one of you. These feathered shoulder pads will be hitting GPP tomorrow.

I've attached a strip of velcro so you have the choice of adding them to your favorite jacket, top or leotard and can easily remove them when you have to wash your garment, simple! I'm not sure whether to make colored or patterned ones so please let me know what you think, i'm open to all suggestions! I'm also busy making some amazing feathered necklaces that you all saw on the cover of our lookbook, and aim to have them up by the end of the weekend :)

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  1. ooh! I loved the lookbook, congratulations. Can't wait to see more GP designs. Good luck! Will be following, xx Vanessa

  2. just started following your blog - i must say that i absolutely love that sweet looking skirt! gorgeous... can't wait to see them on ebay :)


  3. Well done hunny these skirts are the bomb! I am defo going to be watching all 3. The shoulder pads are so hot. Gosh you are so clever <3

  4. ah, they will be up tonight at 7pm on ebay.

    i am so excited to see how they go, i have so many girls after these. i will have to order more :)

  5. Amazing feather shoulder pads Nicole, so versatile, I'll be sure to check them out on eBay when they go up! x

  6. Yes please to the feathered necklaces :)

  7. the skirts are amazing and umm you should make colored and pattern ones, the more the maryier right!?


  8. LOVE the skirt !
    Also, i am dying to know what brand/shade of lipstick you wear, it is the perfect red !

  9. ah, wonderful to hear your opinions, thank you thank you thank you.

    anon- i wear color 151 'color fever' by lancome, i think i'll be wearing it for the rest of my life, it's perfect :)

  10. Nicole, I love the Akira skirts. I'm also really digging the way you styled them, especially the one with the giant bow! I'm currently debating whether or not I should splurge and get those feathered shoulder pads - absolutely gorg!

    I also added GPV on facebook - wasn't sure where I was suppose to leave a comment to enter the contest.

    Check out Fvncy.com

    KeepItFvncy - Michelle Elaine

  11. i know, the shoulder pads are so cute. i'm trying not to add them too all of my clothes. i have sold the pair on GPP but can make them to order so just shoot me an email if you decide you want some, michelle :)

  12. love those skirts! and those feathered shoulders are really interesting