I hope everyone had a beautiful valentines! Even if you're single, it's a good enough reason to spend a day with whomever you love, which is exactly what i did. Seeing as luke wasn't here, i was adopted, along with my friend alex, by our friends eli and katie who played surrogate parents for the day. We spent the morning building a huge cubby house in my lounge room, added as many pillows as we could find, covered it in fairy lights and sprinkled easter eggs all over the floor whilst listening to 'where the wild things are' soundtrack. It was perfect. We then proceeded to eat as many chocolate covered marshmallows and strawberries as we could from eli's fondue fountain, and mope around for the rest of the day complaining about how sick we felt. I was so grateful that they clicked me out of 'work mode' as i had planned to take photos for gary pepper pieces all day, it was truly something. And to top it all off, luke still managed to get me a beautiful bunch of red roses all the way from hawaii :)

I'm currently down the coastline sourcing more vintage finds for the store. It's so comforting to know that i can pack up and leave whenever i like, taking my work with me wherever i go. Right now, i'm staying at a family friends, lying on a pull out sofa with my feet poking out of the sheets :) ah, bliss.

With over 200 new items being listed this weekend & over 120 new items safely in the boot of my car, i can tell you it's going to be a very busy week for gary pepper vintage. I also have some amazing vintage jewelry that will be listed on gary pepper pieces tomorrow night!

so happy valentines, everyone. I love you <3


  1. This is the most epic fort I have ever seen, how in the world did you do this?

  2. thank you all, you lovely girls :)

    and meddstatus, so happy to see you on here. your lookbook was incredible :)

    we pushed a pool table on it's side and had a double mattress on the other. we then draped about 4 sheets all floral printed and different colors over them both and pinned fairy lights all over the roof of it.
    it was amazing, you should make one and watch where the wild things are at the same time :)

  3. So sweet! Great photos, I love love!

  4. this might be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!!