You know it's going to be a good day when you're friends come over with belated birthday gifts and spoil you with things that make you say "how, how did you know i wanted one of these!?" or "i couldn't have asked for a more perfect present!". Well, i am absolutely smitten with this panda beanie my friend alex got me from her overseas trip. I'm aware that it may look strange and slightly attention seeking but it is so perfect for when the temperature suddenly decides to drop around here and i can't seem to take it off. Plus, this little guy comes with extra long sides with a pair of mitten attached, genius much? A little too perfect for when i have an extra large mug of hot english breakfast and i can safely wrap my mittens around it to keep me nice and toasty.

This is the beautiful gift laura gave me today. Don't worry, it took me a while to understand why she gave me a ball of red yarn too, it's actually a flight to melbourne! I've never had the time to make it to melbourne so i couldn't have asked for a more perfect present. I didn't know if i was crying at the sight of the cute little oragami plane she made or the fact that i get to spend a long weekend away with my best friend. I'm going on a major road trip down the coast on monday to find more country based op shops so we're planning to be in melbourne in two weeks time! Where to go, what to do, who to see! If you happen to see a small asian girl with half a panda on her head walking around chapel street, please don't worry, it's just me appreciating two wonderful gifts from friends i am so lucky to have :)


  1. your beanies so cute :)love the blog

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  3. I live in melbourne and honestly, theres no other place id rather be.
    The little alley ways you will intially think are the typical dodgey allyway actually turn out to be amazing little resurant & botique filled streets!
    Try degraves street/lane, cute little soup shop around there somewhere + shops along the way.
    Melbourne centrals good for shopping but i personally tend to target the botiques.
    Theres a vintage second hand shop called retro star(swanstan street) which i think youd really like considering your online store. Except it isnt that cheap compared to an op shop.
    Hope this gives you a little guide on where to go :)

  4. thank you both, i hope you had a wonderful valentines day!

    lizzy- thank you so much for your wonderful tips. i don't know alot about melbourne so i will defiantly be following the places you mentioned so thank you!


  5. that hat is beyond cute! :)

    Theory of a fashion victim

  6. no problem :D dont hesitate to ask for more because theres a fair bit to see, mainly considering fashion but if you stay in the city you will loose yourself in the shops but you will totally love it.
    theres also a savers in brunswick street?
    i havent been there.. YET
    but apparently its good for the second hand op shop type stuff.

  7. Aw this is adorable! I love Chapel street so much. When are you going?

  8. I remember seeing those panda hats on a trip to beijing - cutest thing ever. You look adorable.

    And the Melbourne tourism ad is the bessst!