{ Boots & jacket: vintage, tee: american apparel, jeans: camilla and marc, necklace: in gpp now}

It seems the weather here is still as confused as my feelings towards eggplant and ballet flat crocs? I went out for breakfast the other morning and due to the beautiful chill in the air, i decided to wear my beloved leopard print jacket which i so often neglect. By midday, it was so hot that i was feeling foolish and all kinds of regret. God, how i wish it was winter already! This is one of my favorite jackets because my friend pete borrows it and still looks fabulous in it even though he's a guy. We actually look exactly the same from head to toe when we wear this with black skinny legs, white tee, similar boots and skinny ankles. It's not often you can find a uni sex jacket that fits both genders so well. I think i'll be holding on to this one for years to come, and maybe my friend pete too... joking, pete :)

In other news, i finally made time to get my hair cut the other day! It's been about 7 months overdue and i seem to be experiencing post hair cut depression. I got about 3 inches taken off and didn't realize how attached i was until i got home and realized how short it really is, hence the extremely short plait in my photos. But it's ok, i needed a change and my hair was starting to despise me after curling it so much for the crazy amount of photos i took for gary pepper's new stock. In saying that, I have nearly 200 items being listed tomorrow and tuesday night (finally!) and about another 200 items that i brought back from the south coast that i need to photograph too. Ah, it seems like things just keep getting crazier around here and with our new stock, new giveaways and new promotions coming in the next two weeks, it looks like it's going to get even worse! Is it wrong that i'm secretly really excited?

Here is the new illustration chrissy did for gary pepper, isn't it amazing? I seem to be falling in love with her more every day.
'Panda head'- http://deciphertheday.co.uk.


  1. So pretty.


    ... the travelling boutique

  2. For the moment leopard print has my heard, but don't tell my boyfriend he might get jealous.

  3. Beautiful photos! I got my hair cut on the weekend too-I had about 5 inches off so it can grow back strong and healthy :-) I know what you mean about being attached to you long tresses!

  4. Hunny you look AMAZING! I am obsessed with leopard print right now. I have a leopard print blazer too but it is so difficult to wear it in such warm weather :( hurry up winter!

    plus I love the illustration, how adorable. I love panda hats <3


  5. ah, leopard print has me hook, line and sinker :)