One thing I’ve learnt and really adore about the blogging world is that when someone admires another's work whether it is photos, words, design or even an idea, we give credit to where it should be given, an unwritten rule and sign of respect. It’s as simple as that. So in saying that, I thought I would share with you one idea I really admire from The Clothes Horse where you take one photo every hour to document your day. I absolutely fell in love with the idea and thought it was brilliant, nothing like a new challenge. Seeing as I’m currently in Tasmania visiting the family for Christmas, which is probably the only week of the year that I get to spend my time so carelessly and not feel guilty for doing absolutely nothing, I thought I would try this idea for myself, and surprisingly, it wasn’t as easy at it looks.

Tuesday 23rd:

9am: breakfast: fresh scrambled eggs on buttered toast :)

10am: quickly post some items before christmas.

11am: hand delivering pete’s CV to the australian antartic division.

12pm: road trip home with stops for apple stands.

1pm: some light reading and brainstorming.

2pm: making daisy chains with bailey.

3pm: afternoon walk with bailey to the seaside.

4pm: day dreaming under a blanket of clouds & thinking of luke.

5pm: strolling through some meadows on the way home :)

6pm: picking fresh raspberries from the garden for dessert.

7pm: start cooking dinner /listening to music in the kitchen.

8pm: check my ebay/emails/blog/addictction.

9pm: unwinding with a hot cup of English breakfast.

Such a wonderful week :)

"One day at a time; this is enough."


  1. Damn, your sky is much nicer than mine!

  2. haha, i could not believe the weather when i went there. you would think byron of all places would have the very best weather?

    lucie- thank you :)
    i've been resisting buying one of your rings since i saw them at our place. amazing.

  3. I love the idea of this post! You carried it out perfectly. Every image was interesting on its own and a perfect depiction of your hour. :D