Yesterday was one of the best days I've had this spring. We awoke early to make a trip to Sydney for the Camilla & Marc and Rachel Gilbert Sales. We've been to a few before and naively thought it would be like it's last, relaxed and amazingly chic, but we were wrong... this one was pretty intense. The queue of impatient girls was growing, the temperature was rising and after one slow and extremely painful hour, we made it through the front doors. To my amazement, two of my absolute favorites were sitting there perfectly on their messy unkempt racks as if they had been waiting for me this whole time. Why was Camillas most recent and stunning range included in this sale? Why was this $1100 swing coat marked down to only $290? Why is there only one size 8 in each still sitting here as if it was too good to be true? To be honest, i didn't really care. I all too happily handed over my cash and felt like calling my parents and telling them "I'm young and in love. I know you won't approve but i plan on eloping with this coat next year in New York when i whisk it away with me. It's perfect and beautiful and i know we only just met but i feel like I've waited 20 years for this coat to come along. We belong together".

I'm sure it's the over worked, sleep deprived and slightly delusional Nicole speaking here, but surely you all have a piece of clothing that you feel so passionate about that you would blog about it at 10:56 on a Saturday night? Yes?

{Pink Blazer: Thrifted. Shirt: American Apparel. Shorts: Camilla & Marc. Boots: Thrifted. Bag: Vintage Annapelle. Bracelets: Assortment/Fringe Markets.}


  1. That's an amazing saving, isn't it? I suppose better to make cost on them, or I suppose even above cost than have them still floating about seasons later. So come on, where is it?

  2. Katie- It was defiantly an amazing saving. i would of gladly spent double that. Ah, the coat, the coat. I am trying my best to find some time to take a photo of it :) so far, unsuccessful. But as soon as i do, it will be posted on here without a doubt.