All this talk of Japan has made me have post- Japan blues. It's been nearly six months since i had my first taste and to be honest, I don't even know when i will have time to go back as the boy and i are planning our next trip to New York/America in 2010. We covered Tokyo to Hiroshima with Osaka, Kyoto and Nara along the way. It was amazing and perfect and my itinerary was unrealistically packed full of temples, castles, shopping, rice paper rooms, Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo and so many more magical things. The highlight of my trip was the Studio Ghilbi Museum which wasn't really a museum but more like a castle with the most insane visual creations i have ever seen, as well as showcasing Hiya Miyazaki original studio with genuine artworks from all of his popular cult films including 'Spirited Away' and 'Howls Moving Castle'. If you happen to know what I'm babbling about and can appreciate how big of a deal this is, then your cool points just went up considerably in my books :)

To anyone who is curious, Japan is absolutely stunning and breath taking. As soon as you get off the plane, you will never want to leave. You'll come home and wonder where on earth you can wear your clear lenses and two-toed rabbit socks (I happen to still wear both, youknowlikewhatever) and why the people at home are so blatantly rude and obnoxious in comparison. I might be a little biased but with flights for only $400 return, you'd be two- toed rabbit not to go...


  1. AW these photos rock! I adore the image with the little school children. They really are kawaii. I have not fully seen Howl's Moving Castle but I have seen Spirited Away millions of times and it surely is a classic.

  2. Kirei na Shashin.Pretty photos. I envy you 110 %. Japan is right at the top of my travelling wishlist~

  3. Le pearl- You must, and i insist, that you watch the rest of the movie. It is amazing and nearly as good as spirited away.

    TheChoppaSticksDolls- Thank you for your post :)
    I just checked out your blog and Good luck with your new Ebay store! You've got some cute things.

  4. coolest pics ever! i'm definitely following!

  5. It's spelt 'Hayao' Miyazaki, he is truely amazing :) I spent an entire semester's worth of Uni work on him in my Directed Studies. Everyone was amazed by his work and I'm so glad I could show it off! Ha ha

    I'm also a lover of Japan, anything to do with it and I melt! I'm planning to take my first overseas trip there, I can't wait! I plan on spendihouse much time as possible in the SG museum :)

    I'm so excited that I've discovered someone else who loves these things as much as I do! <3

  6. Just reading through all your posts, all amazing. However this one made me want to cry like a little girl, I love Japan so much and your images captured the beatiful essence of the japanese culture. I really need to go back.
    Thank you.