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Every year I spend my Christmas break visiting my family in Tasmania. It's such a nice and refreshing break from this crazy online world, being able to escape and have some time offline with the people I love. With no reception and no internet it really helps to put everything into perspective and to asses what I really want from this life. So this post isn't dedicated to an outfit, a designer, or a new purchase, but instead to the best present I have ever received (and one I plan on giving each year) - the gift of life. My sister-in-law added these to our presents this year and I thought it was so perfect I wanted to share it with you all. If you owe a few belated Christmas presents or have a birthday coming up this is one of the best presents you can ask for. A mere $5 can buy water purification tablets for a family, $15 can buy vitamins for young children, or $30 for something a simple as a warm blanket. It's crazy how a few dollars can provide basic necessities that we take for granted every single day. You can purchase various gifts from World Vision HERE. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas with the people you love, and I can't wait to finish 2011 with you in style! x


  1. This is beautiful. Never knew World Vision offered these, but definitely purchasing gifts from them in the future. Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

  2. SAME love world vision <3 such a gd cause :)


  3. I do something very similar, and have sponsored children through both World Vision & Food For the Hungry..such a great feeling to be able to help someone else out..especially at a time like Christmas :)
    So cool, Nicole!!

  4. Thank you so much for blogging about our gifts and for your sister-in-law who gave you them. It is a wonderful way of giving life and we're glad you loved the idea. Hope you have a great time in Tassie. It's such a beautiful part of the world to get away in:) xClare, World Vision Team

  5. Awww you have such a great heart! I hope all people will follow your good example :)


  6. Ahhh very good gift indeed. For my birthday I asked people to donate to Charity Water instead of buying me a gift. Any amount of money matters to people who are less fortunate. You're such an angel :)


  7. that is such a touching and lovely idea. tis the season for giving after all. hope you had a merry christmas.

    love kelly


  8. Hey this is a very exciting thing to see - I was working through the World Vision Christmas Campaign this year on the shopping centre stands in Sydney, and wholeheartedly support their work. I was lucky enough to visit their work in India last year and cannot say enough how fantastic it it to support the very practical and effective development work that World Vision is doing.
    Don't forget that sponsoring a child is only $43 a month (or about $1.40 a day and is tax deductible) and has an even longer term impact for a whole community. You can write letters with that child and you also hear much more about how your donations are helping to support a community and the children in that community. Pop over to see more about this too here: http://bit.ly/voz0L2

    enjoy your break!

  9. Thanks for posting something as meaningful as this- my husband works for World Vision and they really do a great deal of humanitarian work. Sponsoring a child does make a big impact in their communities!

  10. Thanks for posting something as meaningful as this- my husband works for World Vision and they really do a great deal of humanitarian work. Sponsoring a child does make a big impact in their communities!

  11. This is such a beautiful idea, especially in this period of the year when people tend to think more about celebrating than else, when it's true that still many people on this planet don't even have food or water...
    Well done!

    Diary Of a Fashion Stylist..!

  12. Lovely, you are so great...


  13. I am from Tasmania too! I never thought there were fashion bloggers who had a strong connection to Tassie, but really there are! This is a lovely present! xx

    Sorry about anon!

  14. I got a charity-blog-shop actually. I'm selling handmade jewelries and iäll but schoolsupply to the less fortune in Thailand

  15. This is amazing!I would love to see us bloggers come together to do more good for the world.x

  16. This is a wonderful idea! Something I will definitely be utilizing! Great lil post :)

    From the girls @

  17. Such a great way to celebrate the holidays and humanity!


  18. NICOLE. thank you so much for posting this.
    i am very involved with world vision and i'm glad that a fashion blogger like you is posting about this!



  19. Good on you for promoting this! There's also Oxfam Unwrapped, which I personally love. It's a similar idea.

  20. Beautiful idea ! We have to change the world !

  21. you have a big heart! thank you for posting this!
    Nicole, have a great holidays with your family :)

    xx Leila


  22. I started following you on Instagram even before I found out about this blog. Your outfits posts are amazing, but nothing can be more wonderful than this. :) Cheers to helping others! :)


    p.s. Here in the Philippines, you can send a child to school for as little as $14 a month. Our sponsored child graduates from high school next year. :)

  23. So yeah, I probably just spent like two hours browsing your blog. Your style is absolutely amazing. I am finding myself utterly inspired. Thank you so much ;)