M I S T E R . N Z F W . 1 2 .

I discovered MisteR during their quick appearance in the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Show on the last day of NZFW. Unfortunately I had missed their show the day before due to work related reasons and after seeing Yvan's photos I was kicking myself for not being there. MisteR launched in 2006 as a menswear label and debuted their first womenswear line this year at NZFW. MisteR's style can be described as "an artful collision between the heritage of British tailoring and the experimental fun and quirkiness of Asian fashion". This could not sound more perfect to me. Titled 'Not So Grim', MisteR's new winter range was a structured and playful take on the "The Brother's Grimm" childhood stories like Goldilocks, Rapuzel and Pinocchio. Brightly coloured and two-toned plaid clashed with candy stripes, polka dots and an autumn leaf print in what looked like every Harajuku girls dream. Gingerbread men featured as cute accessories and pinned to the lapels, hems and back pockets of garments. A quirky touch that didn't go unappreciated here. Using only natural fiber fabrics, buttons and linings, each range has a strong focus on Eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, with limited quantities of hand numbered pieces being produced each season. It's the little things like this that makes all the difference and I can see why this is NZNTM Judge Colin Mathura-Jeffree's favourite label. A warm congratulations to Mickey and Ra on their 10th season and 5th anniversary. Being a huge fan of Japanese fashion I personally hope to see MisteR being carried in boutiques throughout Australia. Definitely a niche for quirky menswear in the fashion industry at the moment or is that just me?


  1. fun styling!


  2. the gingerbread man is just so cute, makes me think of autumn big time!

  3. The gingerbread men detailing and oversized bows are sooo adorable!


  4. really great collection!
    reminds me of christmas! ^^

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  5. This was one of my faves at NZFW for sure!

  6. So cute, I love this collection :)


  7. I have SO enjoyed all your NZFW posts. There are so many absolutely fantastic designers to discover!