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(image via New York, New York)

So last Friday Luke left to go traveling around the US for three months. At the moment he's currently shooting in Mexico, soaking in the sun and exploring with two of our friends. I just booked my flights to go meet him in New York for NYFW in September, as well as a little apartment in Soho for the three weeks we're there. I am beyond excited and cannot wait to explore what this beautiful country has to offer, as well as meeting up with some of my favorite bloggers when I'm over there too! After New York we're heading over to LA for a few days before hiring a car and driving up the coastline to spend a few days in San Fransisco. If you have any recommendations on where to go, what to do, things to see or know of any amazing vintage stores please let me know. This is actually a work trip and I plan on doing some serious buying for the store when I'm over there so any tips would be much appreciated. I can't wait to meet you New York City! 8 weeks and counting down..


  1. Eeep! What a wonderfully exciting trip! Can't wait for your stories! x

  2. I cannot wait till you come to NYC/LA! We will have to get together and do so many fun things!! XOXOOXOXOXO


  3. Oh my goodness, sounds like some exciting adventures are in store for you! Can't wait to see all the captures and read the stories about your trips!

    ♥, Jamie

  4. so jealous you're in summer! I'd love to be in mexico right now
    have fun!


  5. Rosebowl in Pasadena. Vintage mecca. good luck girl!

  6. when you're in l.a. you must stop by shareen vintage! she has some amaaaazing things!


  7. Stop in DC!!! great vintage shops in Georgetown and it's great if you're a history nerd (like me). Hope you enjoy your trip!

  8. Just found out I will be in NY in a couple weeks! So excited!!!! I know you will love it :) Hopefully 3 wks is enough for you to see everything/everyone :)

  9. The NYC Brookyln Flea market in williamsburg on saturdays is a must!

  10. wow sounds fun! have fun!


  11. I am envious! It looks like the most beautiful city!

    Lost in the Haze

  12. So much fun! I love these photos.

  13. some SF tourist spots: love my city!

    http://www.lovehaight.org/ - great shopping area

    and the usual thing to see: golden gate bridge and golden gate park.


  14. i dream to go back there.... ;)
    looove NY

    street style: olivia palermo http://magmoiselle.fr

  15. Beyond jealous of your travels. I would love to visit NYC. It's next on my to-do list.

  16. NYC is freaking amazing, I'd go back in a second if I could. I cant even tell you how jealous I am! haha You'll have so much fun, cant wait for the pics. :)


  17. You're going to have such a great time!! I can't wait to see your posts and live the experience a little through you:) You're going to find amazing things, I'm convinced the US has some serious vintage beauties hiding out!


  18. I am very jealous, I would love to go to NYC one day soon. I'm looking forward to seeing all of your pictures!


  19. im very jealous. :) you are so lucky to live in USA, it is my dream - visit USA, specially LA and New York. Im from Poland so USA is so far away from my homeland. I hope that someday I will visit this place. :)
    Have a nice trip! By the way, I love your blog :)

  20. love the images :)


  21. More aussies in NY the merrier! I'll be there for exchange at FIT :)

  22. You have never been to NYC? Well I hope you like it! I haven't lived there in a min, and things change so fast there, so I'm sure your shopping resources are better than mine! Have a good time, and take lots of pictures!


    p.s. Make sure you go to Brooklyn to hit up some flee markets!

  23. I miss LA! Such a gorgeous place! xoxo


  24. I'm in NYC at the moment, interning at Ohne Titel. It would be so cool if i spotted you in the city. You should shop at (the family jewels), 130 west 23rd street for Vintage.

  25. there's nothing like new york, it's truly the best.
    the photographs are beautiful!

  26. Every time i visit my sis in Connecticut we take a trip to NY. And everytime we're there we go to Chelsea Market and get coffee from Amy's Bread.
    Coffee in the US is terribly watered down (aka Starbucked) so this place has the kind of coffee that just blows my mind. I was in NY for 3 days last October and i went 2 times! So yum.

    Aurelia, Perth

  27. For great places to eat in NYC.. definitely go to Buddakan (75 9th Avenue), probably my favourite restaurant in the world haha, Serendipity 3 (225 E 60th St), Babbo (110 Waverly Pl), and since you will be in SoHo.. Balthazar (80 spring st) is a must!

    If you have time, try and catch the ferry to liberty island to see the statue of liberty.. it's breathtaking and also check out the museum of modern art.

    In LA, Katsuya has incredible food.

    Hope you have a wonderful time!

  28. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime. I'm sure the vintage will be ridiculous over there too. I've always dreamed of going to san fran too, cannot wait for you to document your trip on here xx

  29. New York City is my spiritual home...

  30. i think every girl should visit New York .. at least once in her life time.

  31. waw!!!


  32. There are so many great places and things to see in NYC! I work in Soho we should do a blogger meet up one day when you're there.


  33. nice! xx


  34. Lovely photos!
    The trip sounds AMAZING!

    xx Grace

  35. NYC is an amazing place. both my sisters live there (one in brooklyn and the other in the west village). both are great places to explore. you MUST get to the brooklyn flea market in williamsburg on saturdays. the other amazing place in brooklyn is another flea market called artists and fleas (just off bedford). also check out beacon's closet.

    when you are in manhattan, there are so many amazing things to do--art galleries (my sister works at Gagosian)....check out the museums too.

    have fun.

  36. Wow, how exciting! You will have such an amazing time!!

    Fox Whiskers

  37. In LA, for nightlife you should check out the SLS Hotel in West Hollywood, or the Standard in Downtown LA - rooftop pool, quite the scene.

    Vintage.... hope you're planning on buying an extra suitcase. There's all the high end vintage stores, like Decades and The Way We Wore, etc. but for more affordable spots check out Melrose Ave... tons of vintage and thrift stores there. (If you're there on a weekend you can go to Melrose trading post on Melrose and Fairfax.. it's a big flea market) Also for the real cheap stuff, the places you have to dig through but will always find something amazing.. I love all the Jewish Women's Thrift Council shops.. they're all over LA and I've always found something cool there. http://www.ncjwla.org/council_thrift_shops/locations.php

    Ok, and one more suggestion, kinda off the beaten path.. is Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank.. there are at least 5 or 6 shops in a two block radius, and it is very cheap. Once you get a little bit out of LA, the prices go down..

    If you go through Santa Barbara, check out the Presidio Motel.. it's cheap but cool. The local art students helped renovate the place and it's right in downtown SB.

    Have fun on your adventure!!!


  38. its so exciting to hear that you'll be in the states! you'll have a ton of fun here, im sure. im a big fan! :)

  39. JEALOUS!!!!! I wish I could meet you in NYC but I'm passing on this coming fashion week (again...blah).

    I suggest going out of manhattan and into the brooklyn thrift/vintage places for your store. Everything cute in manhattan would already be at a higher price point. PS. if you're REALLY looking for vintage there's a LOT of great places in Texas (since comparatively less fashion types shop at thrift stores here than in SF/LA/NYC) and if you can plan a trip down here I'll take to all of the best places!

  40. Someone has probably already suggested this but the fairfax flea market in LA in amazing. Some say its a little over priced by not by Australian standards! Also, grab the nachos from the mexican stand- $5 brilliance. You might also spot a celebrity or two. Also try Beacons closet in Brooklyn. Not great to buy for re-sale but you can find an item or two so its worth the trip.
    xoxoxo lapetitefembot.blogspot.com

  41. I just got back from NY on Saturday - LOTS of tiny vintage stores around the East Village! In particular around St. Marks and 7th street in between Avenue A, 1st and 2nd.

  42. definately go to bare burger. it's a good burger spot.

  43. There is a shop called 'What Goes Around Comes Around' in SoHo. They have beautiful pieces of vintage Chanel jewelry and other things too.
    Hope you enjoy your stay in NY!