G I V E A W A Y : B E N E F I T .

What better way to kick off the new year than a exciting new giveaway! This time i'm happy to announce Benefit Cosmetics (www.benefitcosmetics.com) has teamed up with GPV to offer my readers the chance of winning some of their lust worthy and highly coveted beauty products! Benefit Cosmetics are giving away an amazing prize pack which includes: Confessions Of A Concealaholic Concealer Kit, Brows A-Go Go Brow Shaping Kit, Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain, Sugarbomb Face Powder, Full Finish Lipstick in Pillow Talk, BADgal Lash Waterproof Mascara and Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner worth over $330! How crazy is that!?

There's nothing better than styling that perfect outfit for a night out and finishing off the look with some bold red lips, liquid eyeliner and a generous amount of illuminator on those high cheekbones. Actually, come to think of it, there is something better.. when you're finishing off your look with Benefit makeup you've won for absolutely free! What i love most about this is that the presents don't have to stop coming even though Christmas has passed.
To enter, simply comment on this post and leave your name, email and answer to the following question: how you will use these Benefit products for the 'perfect night out' look this summer?

Entries have no closed.
Congratulations to
Courtney (cmarielandis@gmail.com)!
So everything here seems to be quickly falling in to place. I have so much new stock being uploaded each day to the new online store and thought it would be the perfect time to start sharing with you my vintage finds i've been collecting recently. These are just a few of my favourite vintage one piece swimsuits coming soon for the store - aren't they just insane? I especially love the two toned black and white cat face one piece. I've never seen anything quite like it and could imagine how beautiful it would look at a summer festival with high waisted shorts and an unbuttoned sheer black shirt.

For some reason vintage swimwear is just impossible to find so i couldn't be happier when i found so many pairs, and right in the middle of summer too! In saying that i should point out that i just got lucky and don't know when i'll ever find so many pairs again so be sure to get in quick before they're all gone for good. Please note: I am aware that some people find vintage swimwear unhygienic but i cannot stress enough how much care i take with cleaning each item, especially swimwear, thoroughly before it's sold. All swimwear is also photographed with underpants worn underneath.
A preview of 160+ vintage dresses i have coming for the store will be up tomorrow night, with even more 'new stock' posts planned for the weekend too. The thought of trying to cull them all down to feature only the best ones on my blog is already making me tired - there's just too many i love! Oh well, better get to it :)


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  2. Benefit cosmetics is the best!!! I'd use a lot of bronzer and shimmer on my eyelids for sure! :)


  3. I do love benefit makeup but im overloaded with makeup from christmas, so I'll let someone else have the oppertunity to win all that lavely stuff. The swimsuits are amazing! they look so nice. I thourougly enjoy readin your blog.


  4. Yay, Benefit cosmetics rock! First I'd stare at the awesome packaging (how rad is it!?), then proceed to liquid line my eyes like they've never been lined before. Face powder will be applied to banish any shine, and pillow talk lipstick will ensure my lips are luscious. I think the name says it all ;) What an awesome giveaway, Nicole!


  5. i would use this make-up kit for my upcoming ball when school starts!
    Justine xx [jjchan@ii.net]

  6. My perfect combination would be the mascara and the eyeliner pencil and the lipstick :)
    I love simple and neutral make-up


  7. isnt it a little bit unhygienic to be wearing vintage swimmers, plus with u modelling it on top? they look good though!!

  8. For a perfect night out i would use the "Confessions Of A Concealaholic" Concealer Kit to cover the side effects of the night out before :D ,Benefit`s mascara for a speaking look, some Sugarbomb Face Powder and the Full Finish Lipstick in Pillow Talk to soften all the look :)
    Alina Sidorencu

  9. For me, I will use the badgal mascara and eyeliner, add a lil bit of blusher on the cheeks and lastly put on the lip tint for kissable lips! That way, the makeup will still look fresh and light for a summer's night out:)


  10. i'd probably use the mascara, liquid eyeliner and the lipstick and some of that pretty yellow eyeshadow in the corner of my eyes. so it would be summer-ish and easygoing and just.. wonderful!

    - kristina henrichsen
    - kristina-victoria@hotmail.com

  11. I can't wait until your new store opens. How exciting!

    I've been eager to try Benefit's products for soo long. I don't know why I haven't gotten around to it. My thin asian eyebrows would definitely benefit (unintentional pun!) from the Brows A-Go go kit. Brows are such an important part of defining your face so that's always a must for me for a night out.


  12. I would love you brighten up the grey streets of London with some bold red lips, liquid eyeliner and a little illuminator to brighten my pale winter skin..
    It would definitely help with the long winter still ahead..

    Sarah xx

  13. Those swimsuits are absolutely gorgeous and you look gorgeous in them :)

    For my perfect night out I would use Benefit's BADgal lash mascara, magic ink liquid eyeliner and full finish lipstick to top off a bold and daringly feminine look. I'd probably also use the sugarbomb powder for highlights. Match that with a black lace playsuit and a black vintage beaded clutch and a pair of black patent leather heels and that's my perfect night out :)

    xx Liv

  14. Wowee! I don't normally enter giveaways but this one is out of this world! Creating a perfect night out look with these products would be easy as there is everything I could possibly want to create my signature look of big winged eyeliner, well defined brows and a pink stained cheek. I would dust some of that illuminator onto the parts of my face that catch the light naturally to top off the polished look.

    Great giveaway, my fingers are crossed!


  15. I love Benefit cosmetics:)Nice greetings from Croatian:))

  16. Wow those suits are amazing!

    My info for the giveaway:

    Perfect night out summer look:
    I'm thinking natural bronzey/rosy makeup emphasizing the lashes with pink lips!

  17. hello anon,

    yes vintage swimwear is always a hit or miss with some customers so i completely understand your reasoning. All swimwear is thoroughly cleaned before sale and photographed with underpants worn underneath. Hygiene and cleanliness is one of my top priorites when it comes to my stock.

    hope that helps :)

  18. Awesome giveaway :D

    I would definitely use the eyeliner for a gorgeous cat-eye look and with those hot pink lipstick on my lips I would look a little naughty but nice for a night out ;)

    Name: Tasja
    Email: tasja.j@hotmail.com

  19. Jessica C, jecka_bee@hotmail.com.au
    Balmy summer nights are the perfect occasion for a romantic date. I would use the Concealer Kit for fresh, bright eyes, Sugarbomb Face Powder to create a subtle, natural flush; a dab of Benetint for glowing lips and finally a coat mascara to achieve thick, luscious lashes.

  20. Enter me please!

    I use Confessions Of A Concealaholic Concealer Kit on a day to day basis, so if I were to win these products, it would just add to my normal routine. I don't have BADgal in waterproof, so it'd be great for summer. Sugarbomb would give me the shimmer I'd like for nighttime wear, and Benetint would last on my lips all night long :)

    Jenny aka reeree

    reeree262 at hotmail dot com

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  23. As it is summer, I'd wear my Benefit makeup naturally using Confessions of a Concealaholic to create a flawless base. You've got to have that summer glow so bronzer is a must, as well as illuminating on the high points of my face. Define my eyes, add a pop of colour on my cheeks and lips and I'm ready to go on the perfect summer night out!


  24. I'd love to wear these makeup when I start working in a film this spring. Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain will definitely work in my favor as I am a brown-skinned. The BADgal Lash Waterproof Mascara and Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner will also help my eyes pop when I'm in camera. Happy New Year, Nicole! I absolutely adore the swimsuits!

    Rosa Lee

  25. I cannot really plan this right now, I would probably just improvise. This is because I need to have the feeling of the day first and make the best of it, because all days aren't the same.

    Luisa Zlatoidska / lojsan_vitesse@hotmail.com

  26. For a perfect night out in Summer:

    Keep it really fresh with minimal eye makeup, but spice it up with rosy cheeks a bright lippy.

    1. Get the perfect eyebrows with Brows A-Go Go Brow Shaping Kit;

    2. Use the Confessions Of A Concealaholic Concealer Kit for flawless skin;

    3. A touch of Benetint Lip and Cheek stain for that effortless summer glow;

    4. A nice dose of BADgal Lash Waterproof mascara to open up the eyes;

    5. Sugarbomb Face Powder and Full Finish Lipstick to make the look pop;

    and an optional

    6. Cat eye with the Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner.

    That would be my ultimate perfect look in summer! <3

    Karell Schmitt-Virgo

  27. As it is summer, I would keep my base makeup natural and flawless using Confessions of a Concealaholic. You've got to have that summer glow so bronzer is a must, as well as illuminating on the high points of my face. Define my eyes, add a pop of colour to my cheeks and lips; and I'm ready for the perfect summer night out!


  28. Please enter me.

    Natalie from Meowcake.blogspot.com


    I am having major issues with my complexion lately which just wont go away, I think I would benefit from the Confessions of a Concealaholic the most because not only will it even out issues on glamourous nights out but it will make me look healthy during the day too. Also, I love how versatile the benetint is too so no doubt that'd be living in my bag for some time!

  29. I'm a basic eyeliner, blush and lipgloss kinda girl but with those fabulous products from Benefit I would definitely make use of the Confessions Of A Concealaholic Concealer Kit, Brows A-Go Go and Full Finish Lipstick to really finish my look! And with gorgeous names like that, how could it not be the perfect night out ;)


  30. i would love to wear the blush, mascara, and lipstick to really really cheer up my winter here! i'd love to stand out in the snow.


  31. Looking gorgeous!!

    I would definitely rock that bright lipstick on a night out on the town, I would dress down and make the lipstick the statement of the outfit! hot hot.



  32. Since I'm Asian, I would use the liquid eyeliner to enhance my eyes, and just a little bit of shadow for that "night out" look. I would then add a bit of the Benetint on my cheeks- simple is always better for me!


  33. What a great give-away!
    During the summer, I like to keep my make-up simple so I would use the concealer and the powder and a bit of mascara. But for a night out (and summer nights are amazing in Norway as it almost doesn't get dark at all), I'd use the eyeliner to create a more sophisticated look and the pink lipstick to add a bit of colour.
    Fingers crossed!

  34. For a perfect night out, I'd go for a bright pink lip with a rosy apple cheeks. Keep the eyes pretty natural and let the lips do the talking! Love this!

  35. Phuong Le, phuong.le92@hotmail.com

    In my opinion, make up for a perfect summer's night would be to go simple! With the wide range of benefit cosmetics, I would start off with concealing my face with the Confessions Of A Concealaholic Concealer Kit than setting it with the Sugarbomb Face Powder. I'll darken my eyebrows slightly and add a touch of mascara. Finish the look off with the Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain, killing two birds with one stone. Now your ready to party away.

  36. For a night out I would use the concealer kit, lip and cheek tint along with some mascara and eyeliner in which I would create a cat eye. Not too much makeup, but just enough to really accent my face, giving me a flawless face along with rosey cheeks and eyes that 'pop'.

    Fabulous giveaway, so generous of benefit cosmetics. Oh and your new stock is looking amazing so far.

    xx Carina

  37. I would love to win these beautiful benefit products.

    Especially the BADgal Lash Waterproof Mascara and Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner. I'm a big fan of dark eyes with a nude lip and pair that with a beutiful light blue dress and it would be the perfect look for the perfect summer night.

    It would be a Midnight Summer's dream!


  38. Completely love the Benefit products, they look gorgeous. I'd use the mascara and liquid eyeliner and am totally in love with the pink lipstick.

    Jess - jessfarquhar@hotmail.com

  39. Hello Nicole!! Love your blog and have been following it for some time!!

    As for the giveaway:

    I would love the lip tint to prevent my lipstick from smugging. The brow powder would be great cause my brows have been overplucked during a recent facial visit!!! Eye liner is also a must have in my make up routine. The perfect look for a night out would be red lips, defined brows and winged eyes!


  40. I LOVE that leopard backless suit!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity for this lovely giveaway, I <3 Benefit cosmetics and GPV! :)

    For the perfect night out, I would opt for perfectly groomed brows with Benefit's brow shaping kit, go subtle with smudging and lining my eyes with Magic Ink eyeliner, curl my lashes and wear layers of BadGal lash, conceal and powder with the kit and face powder for flawless skin, get natural rose-flushed cheeks with the stain, and top off my lips with PillowTalk for a sexy pout ;)

    name- Madeline
    email- madileinea@gmail.com


  41. i'm dieing to try out the brow kit to make my brows look impeccable! the concealer kit looks cute as well, so i would continue with making my skin look perfectly natural and dewy. than i would add some rosy glow to my cheeks with benetint, which i love especially during summer as it is not as heavy as powder products and very easy to work with. plus it looks like i'm blushing from inside. i would skip lipstick this time, because i don't want to be bothered with worrying about reapplying during a fun summer's night out. thus, i would totally focus on my eyes with loads of bad gal mascara (waterproof is so awesome, let the lashes stay curled!) and a dramatic cat flick eyeliner.

    this giveaway is so superawesome! love!
    and can't wait for the clothes store to come online <3

    mail: chocolate.kisses[at]hotmail.de

  42. I definitely would use all the products to have the summer dewy/glowy look this up coming summer especially since my birthday is in August!

    Jessica Lee

  43. I LOVE BENEFIT COSMETICS!!! I'm really wanting to experiment with my cosmetics this summer after seeing Rihanna's new music video with the purple eyeshadow. Very inspiring!!!


    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!!

  44. awesome giveaway!!!

    Venice N.

    Will definitely use the eyeliner and mascara 'cause I'm all about amazing glamorous eyes and a little bit of cheek and lip tint, some face powder, and I'm all good for a night out! :D

  45. Hey Jan 13 is my birthday...how perfect! I'll go with a bold lip and light shimmer on my eyes.


  46. Natural sun-kissed makeup that doesn't scream "done-up" of course.

    Katie F.

  47. how wouldn't i use these? somehow you've put together the exact things i was coveting from benefit.
    i'm pale, sleep deprived and lacking in eyebrows so i can make use of all of these.

    i love the panther bathers too.


  48. my night would be perfect with brownies eyeshadow and black eyeliner+mascara to make my eyes look more "life", touch with soft pink mix oranye blush on and pinky lipstick.


    have a nice day.

  49. Fantastic giveaway!!! I'd first use the concealer to get rid of those nasty circles under my eyes, do a winged line with the liquid liner, a pinch of sugarbomb on the cheeks, and of course the bold statement lip.



  50. To create the perfect night out look - I would use lots of mascara to make my eyes look bigger, and lining my upper lids with eyeliner! Also would use the benetint to give me natural rosy cheeks, and use bronzer and illuminator on parts of my faces that hit the sun the most just to give me a glow!


  51. Yes, I definitely agree a little make up can make an outfit that much more fascinating. I love these photos. You're beautiful!

  52. beautiful ;)


  53. the draw is international?
    I said, the gifts are fabulous!

    For the best look of a summer night, I would use the kit concealer to cover imperfections, Sugarbomb to color the face, benetint to give a slight blush to the cheeks, the magic ink liquid eyeliner to make eyes of cat badgal many layers of mascara and a touch of the Full Finish Lipstick on the lips, and perfect for whatever comes!



  54. enter me please!
    i'd probably just come off the beach so just a brush of bronzer and a lick of mascara and tousled hair would be perfect for me.

    emma xo

  55. Name: Nhi
    Email: nhinguyen123@hotmail.com
    Answer: I would use as little as possible and try not to put on too many layers, but at the same time something very natural so you can save it for the next time you go out just looking as great.

  56. what i love about benefit cosmetics is that they're very versatile. For the perfect summer night out i would use Confessions Of A Concealaholic Concealer Kit - skin's best friend and some lips and cheeks liquid blusher, it's lihght and doesn't smudge and some eyeliner. Perfect make up for perfect night :)
    Nguyen Tina

  57. rosescentedpaper@gmail.com, esther

    my boyfriend & i are going to part ways by this summer due to many external reasons.. if i were to win this giveaway i would wear it everyday so that everyday is a perfect night out for us to remember

  58. What an amazing giveaway!!

    I would definitely wear That Gal beneath foundation or powder, a touch of Erase Paste to cover and brighten the area under my eyes.Ten I'd apply this Eye bright around tear ducts to illuminate and lighten the area, finish the look with some hot red lipstick <3

    PHAM Trang

  59. I love your swimsuit collection! Cant wait to see the clothes.

    I would use the brows a go brows kit to shape my eye-brows as I dont do so very often. I would also use the liner to give my eyes a cat shape, and top this off with the mascara. I would also use the lipstick to top the whole look off.

    The conceler and face powder I might give to my friend because I don't tend to wear foundation a lot and my friend loves their products


  60. it would be so easy to decide on a simple look light enough for the summer, as everything you'd possibly need is right there!

    i like to keep things simple, so i'd use the mascara and eyeliner as well as the powder and concealer. a natural looking flush is a must for the spring and summer so the lip and cheek stain wouldn't go amiss :)

    great giveaway!


  61. I'd use the blush, the mascara, the eyeliner and of course the lipstick! I never tested this brand, but I LOVE colours, and less is bore! The lipstick looks gorgeous and I'd probably wear "too much" eyeliner. But what the heck. Can you ever wear too much eyeliner or too much color on the lips? Don't think so.

    U ARE SWEET:-*


    I WANT SUMMER!!!!!!!!


  63. I would use the Magic Ink to have that perfect cat eye 60s look, the BadGal mascara to make my stumpy lashes look just that bit longer, the Smokin' Liner to define my lower lash line.
    The brown shadows for a natural looking eye, the Confessions of a Concealaholic to make my skin smooth looking and finally some BeneTint on my cheeks and lips.

    I already use alot of Benefit items, so it wouldn't be as if it would be untouched.
    I would use it basically for daywear this summer when going to stay with my boyfriend


  64. Meghan McHugh
    Benefit is the best make up out there! Could have something to do with the fact that they are owned by LV <3. I have the erase cream and it is perfect for erasing the undereye darkness to brighten up any face. Add a light touch of blush, some orange on the lips, gold on the lids and mascara and this girl is ready to rock a lovely summer evening!

  65. I would tint my lips, slide on some beautiful mascara and blush away. Hit the town like me and Benefit owned it!


  66. the perfect night look is to: prime with "that girl", "erase" the imperfections, "go go" with the brows, "magic ink" the eyes, paired with some "bad gal" lashes, benefit with a "benetint" to the cheeks and lips, top of the lips with a "full finish" and "sugarbomb" where the light hits.


  67. The benefit brow kit is one of the best I've ever tried! Perfect eyebrows would greatly compliment perfectly lined eyes and the mascara would make them pop! I would also add a bit of the illuminator to the inner corners of my eyes and voilà. ;)

    Email: geishhaaa@yahoo.com


  68. I usually concentrate on my eyes, making them show even more, so my choice would be the smokin liner and the bad gal mascara. Summer gives me the rest; tanned skin and freckles :)



  69. I would love to use Confessions Of A Concealaholic Concealer Kit and Sugarbomb Face Powder to get that flawless base, the Brows A-Go Go Brow Shaping Kit for killer strong brows, Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain and Full Finish Lipstick in Pillow Talk for bright lips and cheeks, and BADgal Lash Waterproof Mascara and Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner for smoldering eyes! A dynamite combination!


  70. diana
    watchme dot choke at gmail dot com

    I would love to win, Benefit cosmetics have the best packaging. I would use the cheek stain for that perfect flush of color, and the mascara to make my eyes pop.

  71. I would use it to get dolled up for my wedding! I absolutely love Benetint. It's such a luminous, cheerful way to brighten up your cheeks -- and you can use it on your lips, too. It even smells like roses!

    Thank you for the great posts!


  72. Hey there!

    I am student in theatre to become a stage manager and hope to get a job this summer far away from home. So, I would need to look bold and full of personality to get noticed in a new city and at my job since I wont be onstage.
    I would do a simple cat eye with subtle mascara, have soft bronzed cheeks with a rosy undertone and then pink lips with the lipstick to seal the deal of me coming off as someone who is confident and knows what's up in her new surroundings,haha.

    Name: Rachel B
    Email: bursonr1@nku.edu

  73. Oh what fun this giveaway is!

    I'd create the perfect summer sun-kissed look with flawless softly bronzed cheekbones and a touch of pink to add a romantic flush, and sweep some shimmer across my eyelids and a dab of that fabulous lip for a lovely kiss of color!



  74. i would use the blush to give my cheeks a pop of colour

  75. I'm not much of a makeup gal but I've slowly been warming up to it. I usually go with the most natural look with rosy cheeks but with these products I'd change it up more. One day I'd go for a bold eye with the liquid eyeliner and another day with stand-out red lips. I could also use some nice new tweezers, ahaha. Those little guys would be perfect to stash away in my purse! :) Looking to shy away from those drugstore makeup products.

  76. Awesome giveaway!
    I would keep things simple by defining my eyes with liquid eyeliner and lots and lots of Benefit's mascara. Maybe a touch of powder to keep things under control and top it of with some pretty rosy tinted lips. Perfect!


  77. I would wear the lipstick when I visit the beach this summer!



  78. since its winter (not summer) here in the states...it gets dark earlier so i would definitely go for a dramatic effect on my eyes and keep it simple with the lips. i love the badgal mascara though

  79. Huong

    I'm a big fan of mascara, eye brows, and highlighter and with a touch of red lips will make a perfect summer night.

  80. i would love to wear a bronze goddess make up,,all bout bronze and natural colour on the eyes,bit of shimmer colour for blush and to make it party look a bright lipstick sud be a pop of attraction,,


  81. Jan 13 is my birthday...how perfect! I'll go with a bold lip and shimmery eyes, lightly stained cheeks and a coat of mascara.


  82. I am really loving the outfits!

    Question: How you will use these Benefit products for the 'perfect night out' look this summer?
    Response: Because I barely own any make up, winning these Benefit products WILL benefit me. Lately I have lost a lot of sleep, so concealing my dark circles is one of them. Going out on a date would require me to make sure my date notices my eyes. I will make sure that I go bronzy and have bold lips.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  83. To start a new beginning with a blank canvas...its a new year at a new university and I would be the happiest if I could look my prettiest. Also i'm a huge fan of benefit products. I use high beam everyday!

    Im obsessing over the first leopard bathing suit a lot!


  84. I love Benefit! The Benetint was the first makeup I ever bought not located in a grocery store lol.

    For a night out i'd use the concealer, benetint, and shimmer on the eyes.

    Great Giveaway! I'm so excited!!!

  85. I love Benefit! The Benetint was the first makeup I ever bought not from a grocery store lol.

    For a night out I'd wear concealer, benetint, and the smokey eye.

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I'm so excited!!!

  86. I think I posted more than once, sorry about that. I wasn't seeing my post and thought my computer was acting up again. Then I noticed the tiny line that said it would show after approval. Again sorry. LOVE the blog!

  87. I'd go for the vintage type of look with slightly stained lips, winged eyeliner, rosy cheeks (I'd use the lipstick for that, it looks like a perfect cheekcolour), natural eyeshadow (using the browcolours) and a coat or two of the mascara.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this one, it's quite hard to get your hands on Benefit here in Sweden unless you want to pay for international shipping and tariffs.


  88. I can't wait til it is summer here! I am loving the vintage suit and shorts look! I live in Arizona, USA so the perfect night out usually includes taking a dip in someone's pool to get out of the neverending heat. I'll just add Benefit's BadGal Waterproof mascara and the night will go off without a hitch!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  89. I am loving the vintage swim + shorts combo! I live in Arizona, USA and summer nights usually include hopping into a friends pool to cool off. I'll just add Benefit's BadGal waterproof mascara and I will be good to go!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  90. Amazing give away! Thanks for the chance to win!
    During the heat of the day, I hardly wear any make-up, so a little mascara and benetint on my lips and cheeks is all it takes. For evening, I like to up the drama with a clean cat eye. A great concealer is key to making my skin look flawless in outfit posts on my blog - there are certainly days that 'erase paste' could come in handy!
    Vintage bathing suits are looking fab!
    - Catherine at The Spring

  91. I love benefit, such good product. Haha, but once I was in Scotland with my girlfriends, and we had make up done at Debbenhams (?) and we all looke like circus freaks! Haha, yellow and purle eyeshadow don't really work together. I would go for a natural summer look by day, with just a little powder and mascara and maybe some lipstick. But for a hot night on the town, I would throw on some eyeshadow (NOT the match mentioned above..hehe) and some lipstick. Love the tan you get in the summer, so I my opinion, you don't really need much more. Ups, forgot eye-browfix, can't live without that! The set from Benefit is perfect for that! xoxo

  92. I love benefit products so much, what a great giveaway!

    I don't like to wear much makeup in the summer, especially at night, so I'd keep it simple. at first I'd ged rid of blemishes and dark circles with the concealers and use a bit of 'that gal' instead of a heavy foundation to brighten up my face a little. I'd use the eyeliner for a heavy cat eye and lots of mascara on the top lashes. heavy/dark filled in eyebrows and lots of benetint on my lips!
    that's it!

    Vivi, hipsandhearts@web.de

  93. Bernadette martinsJanuary 7, 2011 at 8:29 AM

    My eyes wound have liquid liner and mascara, cheeks with a beautiful bronze blush and lip stain. This is my summer evening look. I love Benefit products, great feeling on my skin and the packaging is sooo me. :)

    Twitter account: chanels_allure

  94. I would fist use the concealer kit to give myself a nice base colour, use benetint on my cheeks making them look rosy and natural looking.

    Then use magic ink eyeliner to make extended 1960's style cat-eye flicks. Finish with a little smokey pencil eyeliner on the bottom and then use the benitint on my lips also, as a stain!


    Adore the swimsuits! They are amazing and I agree so hard to find! Can't wait to see the dresses -I have a dress obsession-

    Ayesha x

  95. i looove those swimsuits! especially the leopard print one :)

    <3 http://eccentricdaydream.blogspot.com/

  96. Hi I'm Becky and gosh there is just so much I would do with the wonderful Benefit makeup products! I'm in love with trying new looks with my makeup so this would just be perfect! I am graduating from high school this summer so I would love to try some cat eyes for my graduation! It is simple but so classy and different too! Thanks for the chance to win! Xxxx

  97. Love benefit cosmetics! Thanks for sharing this awesome giveaway.

    My perfect summer night out make up would definitely include the brow shaping kit, to shape the brow and accentuate the face, some Benetint to give those cheeks and lips a slight colour and finally a coat (or two) of waterproof mascara liquid eyeliner for those perfectly big bright eyes on my tan skin


  98. cute_caitlin@hotmail.co.uk
    I would use most of the products like the concealer and mascara on a daily basis. If I was going out I would use sugarbond to brighten my complexion and go for a feline look with my eyes

  99. Gorgeous vintage swimwear!!

    I will use the benefit make-up for a summer beach party with all my friends. We'll have a BBQ as usual and I have to look good to impress my boyfriend ;)
    I'd wear black eyeliner, of course mascara, blush and lipstick to look fresh and pretty but not overstyled.

  100. i forgot to leave my email....so sry


  101. I would use the benetint to give myself a rosy glow and give myself a smoldering smokey eye with a nice cat eye. Great Giveaway!

    <3 Sarah

  102. Name: Jessica Pang
    e-mail: jessicapang@gmail.com

    I would love to use the liquid eyeliner for a cateye look along with the mascara to make a bold eye statement.

    The lipstick looks like it would be the perfect way to ring in the new year.

  103. proushaat@hotmail.com

    I'd use the Benefit products to doll up myself for an amazing time with friends and love ones in one breezy perfect summer night!

  104. For the perfect night out in summer I would wear a fresh look. A little sugarbomb blush (my favourite is the colarista but I´m sure this would fit perfectly)some benetint in my lips to gets that special and durable colour, and mascara in my top lashes.

    name: virginia angulo
    email: viranre@hotmail.com

  105. I do love Benefit cosmetics (their blushes are lifesavers!)

    I'd use a slick of eyeliner and a sweep of the face powder to obtain that fuss free (but still glam) summer look.


  106. I'd use Benefit products that way - I'd give some of it to my sister, some of it to my mom and what's left I'd use it myself. Everyone gets something. :)


  107. love these looks


  108. i love benefit, just i dont have enough money to by it at the moment -.-. it's very safe to use on my skin and it's absoultely good for teenage girls :)


  109. january is birthday month for me—yay! so i would use these benefit products to create the perfect birthday look. benetint is one of my favourite products ever, I use it everyday not just for the 'perfect night out'.


  110. kelsey
    For the 'perfect night out' look this summer I would use a few coats of bad gal mascara and benetint on my cheeks along with a bit of concealor for a natural look, then brighten it up with a pop of bright lipstick at night.

  111. I would definitely do the sultry yet sunkissed look with some highlighter and sex up the eyes for a romatic dinner with the boy.

  112. You are TOO CUTE and I love every look.


    I'm hoping to start wearing make-up this year, so this set would be the perfect way to begin! :)

  113. You've done well. It's so hard to find good quality swimwear in op shops - and goodness when you find it, it's solid gold. People are funny aren't they. A good wash is all that most pieces need and let's face it, well-worn swimwear doesn't end up thrifted. It's the togs that didn't fit, were never worn, bought on a whim...

  114. a matte contoured face, with perfectly filled and shaped brows, full lashes with cat eyeliner, and bold lips <3 doesn't matter what i wear cause my face will be perfection!



  115. For the 'perfect night out' look this summer I'll use mascara and liquid eyeliner to make my eyes pop and keep the rest simple. After all a la naturale is the best thing going!


  116. Rania.

    I would use it for myself! But I would definitely use the eyeliner to make a cat eye so it would be a little bit more sexy. I would swirl all of the box powder colors around for the perfect rosy blush. With the Erase Paste I would cover up any unperfections because that night is going to be PERFECT.

  117. Sarah :)
    My Email; saz.98@hotmail.com

    I used a Thick Full Line of Eyeliner and a Quick Smudge of the Lipstick across my lips to really stand out in the Moonlight this Summer.

    And I'd forever feel like a princess XD

  118. my favorite look is always a defined brow, bright lip, natural flush and cat-eye liner - so this benefit kit would be perfect!


  119. I would probably play around with the mascara and eyeliner for a couple of minutes but then abandon all and wear that gorgeous pink lipstick everywhere, probably even to sleep!


  120. count me in! i'd create some serious smoky eyes and then hit the town!

    dashdotdotty at gmail dot com

  121. Hello, my name is Enis
    my email address is zizickortny@yahoo.de

    aand I think I would be very exited and happy when I could use these benefit cosmetics for the i dot of my perfect summer night out look ; )

    p.s. i like your blog very much and i use your dresses for an inspiration for suing mine : )

  122. I'm always up for adventure and makeup is no exception. With winter here in Canada, fresh, new makeup would be amazing to welcome the summer. I would use Benefits makeup to bring out my natural tan, adding a dash of sunkissed glow to my cheeks, highlighting my brows, dabbing deep red to my lips and brushing illuminator all over.

    Love these vintage swimsuits, especially the first one.

    Kleine Achiles

  123. Wow! I love Benefit!!
    I would keep my look fresh and shimmery for a hot summers night out. I would use the concealer to hide away the day, the bronzer to give myself that sun-kissed summer look and the shimmer across my eyelids to keep my face looking fresh. There is nothing more beautiful than lushious lashes so i would use the liquid eyeliner and mascara to define my eyes. Top it off with a dash of the lippy and youre a show stopper!

    name: Michelle Hollands

  124. i've been dying to try on bright bold lips and trying out a statement eye. concealing my dark circles is a must as well. thanks for the giveaway!


  125. wow these suits are amazing..i cant wait!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  126. Indeed, the swimsuits are insane!
    Its funny how I'm at work right now and risking my job to win this!
    Okay So! this is very exciting! =) I think I would design a cute colorful floral dress so that my fresh looking makeup matches my ensemble! Can I live without liquid eye liner? Ummm... Nope! I would start with a thin, natural line of eye liner and then apply bad gal waterproof mascara ( you need waterproof mascara if you're going out...never know what can happen lol). Benetint cheek stain for a natural glow. Take my full finish benefit lipstick, put it in my cute clutch ,and head out for an amazing night out with friends.

    P.S : Your Blog is amazing♥

    Elise Bourque

  127. Ooh I want I want I want the make up! I spend all my money on jewelry making goodies and rarely buy new makeup. Oh this face is aching for it! :)

    I love simple chic makeup, with a focused pop of color on the lips or the eyes, never both. I would use the pretty makeup to do a thin cat eye look on my eyes with the liner, layer on the lashes with the mascara, and brighten up my lips with the lipstick.

    love it!


  128. Definitely a very natural smoky eye, and quite a bit of the tint blusher too look naturally flushed and the skin products would really make me glow for summer! Very illuminating from the inside.


  129. i really like my makeup clean and fresh looking. i'd use a little bit of the lipstick with some peachy blush and then a nice sleek cat eye with my eyeliner and top it off with a few coats of mascara.

  130. I would definitely use the concealer under my eyes to brighten the area. The mascara and liquid eyeliner would give great drama and the lip stain would be great to give some color on these cold winter nights!

    Yara Garcia

  131. for the perfect summer night out i probably would use
    - the magic ink liquid liner for dramatic 60's style cat liner
    - followed by a little flicks of mascara
    - add subtle colour to the cheeks with the "Sugarbomb" face powder
    - and to finish off, generous application of the "Pillow Talk" lipstick!

    Minh Bui


  132. for the perfect summer night out i probably would use
    - the magic ink liquid liner for dramatic 60's style cat liner
    - followed by a little flicks of mascara
    - add subtle colour to the cheeks with the "Sugarbomb" face powder
    - and to finish off, generous application of the "Pillow Talk" lipstick!

    Minh Bui


  133. Raisa Idonah
    I would definately use the concealer to brighten my eyes, lots and lots of mascara and the benetint on my cheeks for a very soft rosy glow!

  134. definitely love all the vintage swimsuits, too bad I really don't go to beach these days.

  135. loove this giveaway!! here's my entry :):
    Name: Kathleen Murillo
    Email: kcmurillo1990@gmail.com
    How you will use these Benefit products for the 'perfect night out' look this summer? I would use the benetint for a natural blush and lip stain. The Magic Ink liquid eyeliner for a cat eye look. And the sugarbomb face powder all over the face esp for summer when the heat causes a lot of sweat.

    Best giveaway ever Nicole! :) And i really can't wait for the new items in your shop! I might make my first GPV purchase! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  136. I LOVE benefit! This summer, I will be a camp counselor and on my day off I could use this gorgeous makeup to make myself look a little more put together and pretty after being in shorts and a t-shirt covered in dirt.

    Clara Butler


  137. yay for another giveaway! a "perfect night out" : a double winged tip eyeliner , rosy cheeks and just a hint of lip tint


  138. Yay! Benefit is awesome! I would use the Brow shaping kit for light coloured brows that are perfectly shaped! The lip and cheek stainer, only because you don't want to be constantly reapplying lipstick/gloss whilst partying! The face powder for a summery glow and refreshed look and the mascara and eyeliner for stand out eyes!

    Katie B

  139. When I was pondering my answer I couldn't help but think that the 'perfect night out' didn't seem right. Then I figured it out - its the 'perfect life out'. A little lip and cheek stain, mascara and Sugarbomb powder before walking out the door is a necessity. Plus who says the nights have hog all of the perfectness, Life is best lived in the daytime :)


  140. Rebecca

    I'd use That Gal as a primer to brighten up my face, concealer if needed, then use benetint and sugarbomb on my cheeks and finish with mascara/liner. And if I'm feeling bold, I'd use that gorgeous lipstick!!

    For me, its all about the eyes, i would use the mascara on both top and bottom lashes (making my eyes pop) and the liquid eyeliner on top. I would use the concealer to obviously cover up flaws, but put some of the lighter concealer in the corners of my eyes (tearduct area). i would lightly spread some bronzer over the concealed parts and all over my face to blend it and give me a nice natural glow and if i feel into it, add a little color to my eyebrows to make them darker!


  142. Yi Z.

    start with perfectly primed skin, sparkly eyes and wild lips!

  143. Name: Emily Coleman
    email: a.and.b.the.c.of.d@gmail.com

    I LOVE BENEFIT. I'd do a natural bronzed glow. Illuminator under the brows. Cheek stain. Lip Stain. Lashings of mascara. Bronzer UNDER the cheekbones!

  144. I am a firm believer in enhancing your natural beauty. Also, having defined eyebrows automatically pulls together any look. I would use the eyebrow kit to keep mine looking neat and tidy, while using the concealer kit for the itty-bitty things, the mascara to keep my eyes looking wide and awake, and a little bit of the stain on my lips and cheeks for a natural glow.

    Heather, cannibalbanana92@yahoo.com

  145. Benetint is a must for summer :)

    loving those vintage swimsuits!!

  146. To complete the 'perfect night out' look for this summer, i would apply some BADgal Lash Waterproof Mascara to lengthen my lashes and Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner to highlight my eyes. To create a healthy, rosy tinge, i would then add some of the Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain onto my cheekbones.


  147. For a perfect summer night out, benefit cosmetics is just the right tool to make you a head turner. With its highly pigmented and easy-apply liners, blush, shadows and lippies, it's sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

    The primer first, to prep up my face, into making everything (make up) last long.
    i would use the Confessions Of A Concealaholic Concealer Kit to shy away all the dark spots in my face, use the Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner to define my eyes, the Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain, to make me look radiant and glowing from within, the Full Finish Lipstick in Pillow Talk, to make my lips luscious and plump.

    it's a natural, makeup-less look that screams "summer!", but that doesn't mean you don't have to put any make up on, just keep it light, keep it simple, but with an IMPACT.

    name:valerie praise bautista
    email: valeriebautista18@gmail.com

  148. My names Elizabeth O. My email is elizabeth-217@live.com. I would use this makeup for the perfect look to my graduation party and to celebrate my boyfriend moving in with me this june!

    I would use the eyebrow shaping kit and of course the amazing peachy blush. A pop of red lipstick is the perfect end to the perfect outfit. And don't forget about that eyeliner. Wing it out a inch on the edge of your eyes, add fake lashes and you have eyes as wide as the moon :)

  149. what a great give away! i'd put on the cheek stain for that hint of color in the cheek, liquid eyeliner for some cateye, concealer for my eyebags, and lipstick of course! :)
    reg- rrreeg[at]yahoo.com

    the one piece suits are real pretty!!!


  150. i love them all!!
    xoxo d

  151. neeed! :) been wanting concealer for ages since my skin keeps breaking out. will definitely use the eyeliner and mascara to make my eyes stand out and then the lipstick and blush for colour


  152. I would conceal for flawless looking skin, achieve well defined brows, add a few coats of mascara, and concentrate on either colored lips or cheeks. And to spice it up at night, I'd use the liquid eyeliner for a gorgeous cat-eye.


  153. <3
    I would use this amazing makup anyday, not just for the perfect night out!!!
    i would use the concealer for under my eyes and on the tip of my nose to cover up my spots and give me flawless skin, topped with shimmering pink cheeks and bold, winged eyes and long lashes, finished with bright pink lippys!!!

    loving your blog,
    zoe xx

  154. I would do thick but natural looking eyebrows to frame the face, audrey hepburn eyes with winged eyeliner and lashings of mascara and red luscious lips. a vintage look with a hint of sophistication.


  155. Maria Nguyen

    First off, i would tame my eyebrows with the benefit eyebrow kit because eyebrows shape the eyes for a cleaner defined look. Then i would use the concealers to even out skin tone and cover any imperfections. Wing out the eyeliner and volumise the lashes with mascara to accentuate the eyes. Finish it off with a hit of colour on the cheeks and bold lips. yummmmm

  156. perfect night out would be needing some concealing and brow shaping. i've been so busy i haven't had a nice night out in too long! i've been going makeup-less for god knows how long.


  157. Helene Santos

    I would use the concealer kit to hide any blemishes, the Benetint to give my cheeks a nice rosy glow and the lipstick for that perfect finishing touch. =)

  158. Night out on the town? Winged Magic Ink liner, several coats of Bad Gal mascara, and a pout done up right in that saucy pink lipstick for sure.


  159. Christine L.

    A perfect night out in summer would be composed of my best friends + the city! I'm a girl who likes a light and natural look best. Firstly, some concealer from the concealer kit for my eye bags and blemishes. Next, Benefit's sugarbomb to create an innocent flush, then I'd fix and fill in my eyebrows with the Brows a-go-go kit. I 'd even steal some of the highlighter powder and use it on the lower lids for a small glint but I'll have to stay away from the eyeliner since it won't do any deeds for my eyes. Oh, and don't forget the mascara! Next, a touch of the long-lasting Benetint to give my lips colour. And I'd be set for the night wandering around and taking photos by the harbour and then some!

  160. Hannah

    Wow, what an incredible giveaway! I think I'd just go crazy and experiment with everything until I found the perfect look! I think the lipstick would definitely be included in that, such an amazing colour!

  161. i would use the makeup to create a natural healthy look. i would use the eyebrow kit to fill in and define my brows, a touch of bene-tint on my cheeks and then lashings of mascara for a no-fuss finish!


  162. Dark circles are my concern at the moment so Benefit's concealer kit would most definately come in handy! And eyeliner is always useful to make really make the eyes stand out. i'm definately more of a smokey eye kinda girl (besides, if i smudge it...i always just say it was intentional!=P)
    That eyebrow kit would also be fantastic. Nothing says lazy more than unkempt bushy brows! Also have to admit, a few brighter colours would be perfect for a summer night out in my opinion =]

    Cheers and loving GPV!!!


  163. I would absolutely use all of benetint lip & cheek stain till that last drop! a few coats of waterproof mascara and dabs of the concealer to keep my face looking flawless! xx


  164. We have been inundated by rain, rain, rain for weeks and weeks so I would use the cheek and lip stain to add a bit of much needed colour, the concealer kit to hide any dark circles caused by living under fluorescent lights and the lovely pink lipstick to slap a happy sun-filled smile on my face.



  165. The perfect night out this summer calls for flawless skin and a natural glow:

    Confessions Of A Concealaholic Concealer Kit to make skin flawless

    Brows A-Go Go to tame those brows

    Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain for a gorgeous rosy cheek and some light pink lips - think 'just bitten'

    Sugarbomb Face Powder to keep the oil at bay and an overall glow

    Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner to make those eyes pop

    and BADgal Lash Waterproof Mascara so the boys'll come running!

    Love the suits Nicole!!

    xo Gracie


  166. I've never used an illuminator before and am in desperate need for some brow shaping and a fun lippy to wear out. Being fulltime at uni I never tend to splurge out on makeup so this could all transform me! :D

    Cheers, Monet :)


  167. I love to highlight the face in a more natural way. I would put on a slight cat eye but only enough to make it look like I have a longer lashline. I would also play up the blush with the sugarbomb and since its has a glowy effect, it'll give off a dewey effect. and I would make sure my complexion looks perfect with the foundation and concealer.. and finish it off with the lipstick.


  168. Hi! Well i would try it during the day for a natural and smooth look and at night i would make some super smoky eye to go out with my hubby :)


  169. ohmygosh, i would looove to win this giveaway!

    the concealer kit and the sugarbomb face powder, i will use to have flawless-looking skin. i'd use the brow kit to achieve perfectly arched brows. and of course, the much-raved benetint for the apples of my cheeks.

    i'd put only a thin line of eyeliner on my upper lashline and on my waterline. then, i'd coat my lashes with mascara.


  170. I would use the Confessions Of A Concealaholic Concealer Kit to achieve a flawless face, the Brows A-Go Go Brow Shaping Kit to define my brows. I would then use the Sugarbomb Face Powder to add a hint of colour to my cheeks, define my eyes with Badgal Mascara and Magic Ink Liner and add a little Lipstick in Pillow Talk to achieve a great look perfect for day or night!

  171. Great giveaway! I would use some shimmer on my eyes and some bene-tint on my cheeks!


  172. Hi!

    A would use Benetint by benefit to give my lips a wonderful redish colour and ofcourse the sugerbomb to provide my cheeks with a beutiful summer-look. And at last, I could use the Magic inc liquid eyeliner to create a bad ass cat-eye for late-night activites like dancing in the moonlight and running around in short flowerdresses. I belive I could use the other thing aswell, ofcourse. Noone would say no to perfect shaped eyebrows and a pair of nice pink lips for those speciall days when you feel a pair of pink lips will be great, if you know which days I'm talking about?

    I would absolutely LOVE to win, since I'm a major make-up-freak with no make-up, sadly. Hope I passed the audition!
    (sorry about bad english, but i'm from Sweden so I hope I'm of the hook)

    e-mail: dsextio@hotmail.com

  173. My perfect summers night out makeup would be a very sultry Bridgette Bardot look.

    I would use the Confessions Of A Concealaholic Concealer Kit to perfect my skin so it would be flawless. Id then use the Brows A-Go Go Brow Shaping Kit to define my eyebrows. I would also use my own benefit Girl meets Pearl for an all over glow, followed by Sugarbomb Face Powder. A striking flick over my eyelids with the Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner and lashings of the BADgal Lash Waterproof Mascara.

    I would finish the look off with the Benetint Stain on my lips.

    Alanna Currie


  174. I would use ben etints lip and cheek stain to the very last drop to keep my cheeks & lips too keep them rosy
    a few swipes of the waterproof mascara and then HOP INTO THE AUSSIE BEACHES!
    hope you had a wonderful festive season! and a happy new year! xx


  175. Full Finish Lipstick in Pillow Talk.
    would be the perfect combination to my country traditional dresses * kebaya, batik, etc* (for my year book ).
    it's natural & young, and combination between that natural become Supernatural.


  176. Summer is all about clean fresh skin and natural easy make up,even during nights out! Benefit's concealer kit is excellent for covering up any unwanted spots,marks and dark under eye rings. Dab on a little bit of Benefit's lip and cheek tint on the apples of your cheeks to achieve a slightly flushed blush. I think eyebrows can make or break a look. For overtweezed,threaded and plucked brows fill in the gaps and create a natural looking brow with Brows A-Go Go Brow Shaping Kit. For those with thick brows, tame them with a spool and eyebrow gel. Dust your face with Sugarbomb Face Powder and apply a higlighter / illuminator on top of your cheeks right underneath the outer corner of your eye and right under your eyebrow arc. This creates a slightly dewy look perfect for summer nights and give your face a certain light glow when the light hits it (perfect for pictures!). Apply Full Finish Lipstick in Pillow Talk on your puckers. Curl your lashes and use 2 coats of BADgal Lash Waterproof Mascara. Preferably i like the easy natural fresh looking make up but for those who like the Alexa Chung eyes apply Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner and put a little wing tip before putting on mascara.

    BTW, the black and white kitty one piece is adorable!


  177. You and your blog are so awesome!

    For a night out, I would use the liquid eyeliner and the mascara to make my eyes stand out. Then I'd use a little highlighter on my inner eyelids so I don't look like I've been up all night with the little one. I'd use the cheek tint to give me a rosy glow, then finish with the lipstick because I'm so in love with lipstick at the moment!

    Felicia, fwilles@yahoo.com

  178. I would love to rock the BADgal Lash Waterproof Mascara and Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner. Top it all off with the Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain and give my face a much needed glow with the Sugarbomb Face Powder.

    Linz Caryl Tan

  179. Freda Huang

    I would use the Benefit 10 to contour and highlight, and top off with Sugarbomb for a nice flush of colour on my cheeks.


  180. I would use this make up to do something completely different and new with my look. I don't wear a whole lot of make up - usually just eyeliner and some blush. I've always wanted to try doing something bolder with my eyes though. But my perfect night out would include this make up and a beauty session with my friends before going out for a nice drink.

    Fantastic blog by the way!!

  181. Meg

    Seriously I could be a presenter for benefit! I love all their products! Their makeup exemplifies natural beauty, radiance, and quality. There is unique thought and development behind all of their products. When the makeup is applied it makes a woman feel fresh, feminine, and mystique. I’d Love Love Love to win!!! I would use the makeup to create a long lasting, natural, going out look comparable to that of a 1940's classic gypsy in the decade war!

  182. Meg

    Seriously I could be a presenter for benefit! I love all their products, it'd be amazing to win. Their makeup exemplifies natural beauty, radiance, and quality. There is unique thought and development behind all of their products. When the makeup is applied it makes a woman feel fresh, feminine, and mystique. I’d Love Love Love to win!!! I would re-create a mid-summer night image comparable to the 1940’s classic gypsy of the decade war!!!

  183. What a gorgeous giveaway! For summertime, my makeup uniform from poolside to a warm evening cocktail bash is a nude face (I love their concealer!) with some cats-eye eyeliner and a defined brow. Simple and easy, but so classy, and not too heavy for a warm summer day or night.

    Thank you!


  184. Nic!!!!! I'm going gaga over this onesie swimsuits!!! I want that cat print swimmer too!!!


  185. lovely giveaway!

    I'm giving away a pair of Report Signature Fairfax 3 Over the Knee Boots on my blog! Check it out:


  186. Even though it's winter time in the States, we do get some unpredictable weather in San Francisco, where it truly feels like Spring/Summer! On those exceptionally nice days, I would tint my cheeks to the pinkest shade that I could get away with, nude lips, and clean, matte eyes...and dance the night away!


  187. Oooh! This looks fabulous! I think I will do a yummy natural look with soft shimmery shadow and the powders and creams to make flawless skin and then a touch of pinky red lips!
    laurenmichelleh123 at gmail dot com

  188. Summer nights are definitely warm! The make up kit is perfect for that edgy summer beach bunny look! I love bold lips and a thick eyeliner. It's a low maintenance but edgy way to look great in the summer (especially when the weather is scorching)!


  189. Love the vintage bathing suits! <3

    For my perfect summer look I would create a natural looking flawless bass with the confessions of a concealaholic, and finish with a splash of tint on my lips and define my eyes with the eyeliner and mascara.
    I have never used a brow kit before, so I would have to practice before I take the plunge and shape up and define my eyebrows For a night out.
    Brittany Partington

    Can't wait for the new stock in store!

  190. I would use the black liquid eyeliner to create a cat-eye flick, lots of mascara, benetint on cheeks, completed with that gorgeous shade of lipstick.


  191. Becc Deagan


    This summer, to create a look for the perfect night out using benefit cosmetics. I would use the Confessions Of A Concealaholic Concealer Kit for fresh looking eyes and skin. Because I love pink cheeks for summer I would use Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain to add a fresh touch of colour to my cheeks as well as to my lips. And finish it off with a light application of BADgal Lash Waterproof Mascara.

  192. I'd love the neutral as a shadow with crisp lines of liquid eyeliner on the top lids. To make the liner pop, don't forget to conceal dark circles! Bold red lips are a must.


  193. I love benefit's products! Thank you for the giveaway. I would use the lipstick as the statement of my face. And I've always wanted to try benefit's concealers. What a perfect kit :)


  194. Brittni - brittnipope@yahoo.com

    Summer is easily my favorite season and I'm naturally tanned so some of these subtle colors would really work for me! I like a more natural look, but for a night out I would do a brown/creme cat eye with bold lashes and a nude lip. All of these products would be incredibly awesome to own and wear!!! Love your blog so much!!!!


  195. your clothes are so amazing its unbelievable! I love your blog, its definatly got to be one of the best.


    Xx Annie

  196. If I win I would give a late promise for 2011; use colors! I love colorful make-up with gorgous red lips on others, but I don't have the guts to do anything more than the grey/brown eyeshadow and lipgloss myself. It would definitely be a sin not to have fun with this kind of wonderful make-up, so if I won I would have to prove that I am not a sinner.


  197. Irene
    how would I use it?
    i don't know ..i guess i will find it out when i get it hahahaha

  198. My t-zone and eyes get really oily by the middle of the day so I try to use as little make-up as possible. I would use primer for all-over and then concealer where needed. A bit of liquid eyeliner right in between my eyelashes and a dash of eyeshadow to set it. End with a strong lip color and I'm set to go.


  199. elegant_storms (at) yahoo.com

    ahh i can't for summer to come! & the make up kit would just be perfect. especially since this is the summer before college. i'll probably use it everyday on adventures throughout my city and travels around the states.

  200. I'm obsessed with lipsticks at the moment!! I'd team the tint up with the lipstick to create a colour that would stay on all night!
    Rebecca Skippen