L A Z Y S U N D A Y S .

(Thrifted polka dot dress, Vintage suede shorts, Country Road flats, Alexander Wang bag, Akubra Hat)

The one thing that made this crazy week of work a little more bearable was knowing one of my closest friends was coming back for the weekend. At the moment it's not only me but all of my friends who are extremely busy with building careers so getting everyone together in the same place at the same time is a lot harder than it used to be. It was a warm and beautiful day and exactly the kind of down time i needed. We spent the day playing tennis, having a picnic with too many homemade treats and sugary sweets, and enjoyed the sunlight before an afternoon thunderstorm settled in. Unfortunately, with all my swinging and arm waving, i ripped my top and quickly realised this probably wasn't the most suitable outfit to wear playing tennis. I suppose it didn't hurt getting some overdue exercise though :)

Well i've been so flat out with the store this week i've barely had time to post anything. I know i say that all the time but i've had one of the most productive weeks i've had in about 3 months. What have i been doing? Well not only is the paperwork side of my business all in order but i've been busy prepping the Tuchuzy collection ready for the first meeting with the boutique on Wednesday. I can also confirm a jewelry designer based in the US has just joined the Gary Pepper team and will be creating some amazing pieces for the store! I can't wait to show you her creations and i already know how much you guys will love them :)

It kind of freaks me out when i read those somewhat cliche horoscopes that describe my life exactly at that moment. Today mine said: "Inspiration is all around and now you are taking advantage of it. Other-worldly Neptune portrays your situation in an idealistic light and you find a collaborator who is receptive to your vision. Express yourself and show friends a good time". I've never read a horoscope that couldn't be more precise and i'm extremely grateful to have stumbled across this talented jewelry designer.
I really hope you all had a wonderful weekend and let's hope this weather clears up so i can go shoot some photos for my blog. I'm feeling more inspired than ever and have an over flowing wardrobe of new purchases i need to document asap!


  1. ohh you guys looked like you had such a lovely day together! and are those really SUEDE shorts?! they look like cotton from here! - amazing!

    loving the FRUIT platter, looks so scrumptious! and your navy felt hat!

    looking forward to seeing the work from your new jewellery designer!

    come drop by for a visit if you can!?


    x Your Only Blackswan

  2. I love you outfit and bag, I should be getting one soon.
    You're my favourite sydney blogger :)


  3. Such a great photos and outfits ;-)

  4. love the shorts!and love your friend's brown shorts too!

  5. Good luck with your work, always think of it thoroughly before any decision-making! (that includes me too haha) xx

  6. love your friend's white tiered shorts....friends meet together is always fun....!!!!
    much fun..

  7. Hi!! beautiful pictures!! it looks so fun and relaxing :)
    p.s. I have the same arty ring!

    Check out our fashion illustrations at Illustrated-Moodboard.com ! = )


  8. i love your style!even you just wearing flat not heels.but you look gorgeous!
    you're my fav blogger nicole:)

  9. Love the photo with the clones as you might call them, its so neat!

  10. Can you please tell me where i can find thrifted clothes from?!

  11. I love your blog, so much that I went back to the very first entry!

  12. may i pretty pretty pretty please have that dress?? its what i've been looking for while thrifting and i totally fail :/

    btw loving all your friends outfits! you all sort of coordinate!


  13. Cute outfit! And your friends look cute also!

  14. Haha yes i couldn't agree with you more. I think because we were playing tennis we all ended up wearing shorts?

    And mine are indeed suede :)
    They're so easy to run around in!

  15. Oh wow! your life is so inspiring me to get motivated! I love that you had a little down time though it seems like you have been so busy (in a good way) Love that all your friends are so stylish too and that lunch looked like when my friends get together ha! especially the lollies!

    I Adore your blog so much!

    Ayesha x

  16. you have such a stylish group of friends! the second photo is too cute. looks like a great day


  17. that fruit platter is just amazeballs!! looks like you had a blast with your friends! nothing beats a day like that

  18. Everyone looks amazing! I love features with fashionable friends (tongue twister? ha)!!

    FauxFur, not Friendships

  19. Haha don't worry, I secretly love horoscopes cliche as they are... You and your friends sort of dress alike!

  20. love your outfit...the wang bag is amazing!!!

  21. LOVE the hat xxx

  22. I love you in all your look! You're always so delicate and personal style that I like very much!
    These photos are so full of serene atmosphere!


  23. I see you and your friends are into the black and beige combo! I love your suede shorts, it's so hard to find one that fits.

  24. you are so effortlessly gorgeous <3 x

  25. you and your friends are so adorable!

  26. you & your friends look so cute! I love everyones outfits and the lunch spread looks amazing!

  27. BEAUTIFUL! you look like you're having tons of fun. :)

  28. i love your style and you also inspire me, thanks.

  29. you look amazing and so does the food!


  30. i feel my mid running into cotastrophy
    i like to think like viviene westwood
    'i dont read the news, watch television or listen to the radio, i have no idea what happens in the world'
    where the hell does she get her inspiration
    from within apparantly
    well ive been trying to look within for a long time
    but honestly as soon as i see you modeling something so simple with such sophisticated beauty i cannot belive my eyes.
    so from this day forward to the distant future
    you are my inspiration. in every sense of the world

    i love you
    please love me ;)
    follow me at

  31. wow you all look the same!

  32. can someone please tell me where i can get thrifted clothing from gpv seems to ignore me

  33. they are all so pretty!
    do they have blogs?

  34. that fruit platter looks great!!!

    Yum :)