F L I G H T .

(Left to right: Akubra hat, Iphone, YSL ring, Oxfords by Orbit, Vintage Suede shorts, Thrifted top, Alexander Wang bag)

I'm sorry i've been missing for the past few days. Things have been a little crazy and before i knew it i was on a flight to Melbourne for yet another short stay full of meetings and work! I landed just yesterday and plan on being here for the next 5 days. What makes this brief trip so much more wonderful is that Luke decided to come down with me this time and flies in later tonight. We plan on pottering around, exploring, and stuffing ourselves silly with incredibly bad but tasty food. I'm also planning on scouring the racks for some amazing vintage pieces for my next collection which will be in store just next week!

It's a completely different experience when you're in an exciting new place by yourself and have no one to share moments with, so i'm ecstatic that Luke will be here. I've already been for Italian on Lygon street with my beautiful friend Rach and despite the freezing (and very confusing) Spring chills, walked through the city aimlessly taking photos at night. As you can see from the photo above i didn't really pack for this kind of weather! I thought it would be a lot warmer here and i'm going to look hilarious walking around in my nautical Spring outfit looking as if i had left my yacht back in Sydney.

Well if you guys have any suggestions on what to do please let me know! So far i've heard of vintage markets on Saturday and the Tim Burton exhibition. And in reply to the many emails, the pastel peach nail polish i'm wearing is by American Apparel who have created their own formula to make these perfect polishes. You really have my friend Eliza to thank who is the reason why i now have this nail polish in pastel peach, pink, purple, rose and bright red! Amazeballs and available here :)


  1. you captured your flight to melbourne to ridiculously well, it's flawless. the photos themselves tell the story, you took/picked the perfect ones.

    beautiful, i'm a huge fan of your taste in everything!

    best, Rose
    Rhain or Shine

  2. I am in melb this weekend too - but I will be definately packing for cold weather. Summer looks a loooong way away :(

    Have a great time!

  3. I hope you have an amazing time in Melbourne despite our cold weather.
    If you need anything or any help in re of Melb let me know :) xx

  4. love love love the photos!
    Unfortunately Melbourne has a tendency to showcase four seasons in one day.

    You must try Tiamo Restaurant on Lygon street for some traditional Italian fare and visit the Fashion Exhibition(s) at the NGV in Fed Square

    Have fun!

  5. Hello madame Nicole!

    I must say, you motivate me as well as inspire me to continue my dreams of pursuing fashion as a career. J'adore your blog! Please feel free to visit my blog: http://lavagabonddame.blogspot.com/

    xoxo, natalie liao <3

  6. I definitely recommend...

    1. Strolling down Brunswick St (It's a few blocks down from Lygon)
    2. Having coffee at Sensory Lab in David Jones or Brother Baba Budan on Little Bourke
    3. Checking out Camberwell Market on Sunday morning (Best to get there early as well) as well as Degraves St and Flinders Lane

    Hahaha... theres too much to see in Melbourne to fit it all in 5 days =P
    Hope you have fun though!

  7. Melbourne! Have a lovely trip...aaaaaand if you haven't been already, you must try to get to Shanghai Dumplings on Little Bourke St - amazing!

    xx sharon

  8. have a good trip schweetheart..dont forget to hit the awesome bars there!



  9. love that photo... have a nice trip .. dont forget post your journey....


  10. have a good trip!! love the blog!


  11. Awesome pics...and I lovvveee the Wang bag. Wish I could have the whole range! :)

  12. Gorgeous! Your photos are so divine. Glad your bf has joined you for your trip, hope you both have a lovely time :)

  13. You're so lucky, I want to see the Tim Burton exhibition! I really like the outfit by the way :D

  14. I like the black and white photos <3

  15. Check out Lost and Found market on Smith St in Collingwood :) Smith St is pretty awesome too, as is Gertrude St, Retrostar Vintage is also good, which is close to Alice Euphemia! Savers in Brunswick is great. and of course Camberwell Markets on Sundays!

    Hope to spot you round Melbourne! Have a great trip

    x Amie

  16. I'm a huuuuuuuge thrifter as well so here're some of my second homes:

    - Chapel Street [Tonssss of op shops down the bottom end of the street, past American Apparel]
    - Sydney Road (Brunswick) has a pretty massive Savers for you to dig through
    - Brunswick, Gertrude and Smith Streets in Fitzroy
    - Clarendon Street in South Melbourne [I work around here and go thrifting in the op shops here regularly, have found MANY AMAZING THINGS; also has Melbourne's best Fish & Chips there]

    Can't really think of anywhere else off the top of my head. Will get back to you if I do. Enjoy your trip though, have fun. :)

  17. These are gorgeous pics! Love the oxfords! ;-)

  18. Love the B&W pics and your outfit!

  19. One of my dream is travel all over the world wondering aimlessly with my husband. I hope you enjoy your time in Melbourne. I hope you have fun while your working hard.

  20. Sounds like you've had a very Melbourne experience so far!

    Enjoy your trip! :)

  21. I cannot believe I am up just now discovering your blog. Beautiful.


  22. Absolutely love the black and white photos! Have a great time in Melbourne!

  23. beautiful pictures!


  24. Brunswick St ROCKS! don't forget to go in one of the tiny hidden cafes for some of the most amazing coffee.

  25. I (L) Travel.
    And I do like your polish.


    PS: I posted a random of my summer nail polish! Hope u like it!! =) See u in my blog!

  26. Lovely photos as always!
    Can you tell me what to do and places to go? I'm heading to Melbourne soon :)

  27. beautiful photos!!! enjoy your stay there, Nic! and stay safe!

    do drop by my blog when you have the time:


  28. Wow, just stumbled across your blog and have managed to spend hours this morning being inspired by your posts - already signed up to follow! Can't wait to check out what will be in store soon and the evolution of your new workspace!


  29. this is a beautiful collection of photos!

    peace x


  30. I suuuuper love your outfit here especially that maxi skirt and oxfords :)

    Melai of Style and Soul