S P L E N D O U R.

(Floral Lace Jacket: Vintage, Pink Slip: Vintage, Suede Ankle Boots: Thrifted)

This was what i wore the first day of Splendour in the Grass. Unfortunately we hardly took any photos over the weekend so please excuse this weak attempt at an outfit post. The sudden heat wave really took us by surprise and left me running around in a simple pink slip for most of the day, leaving the majority of girls pretty confused as what to wear for the rest of the weekend. This lace jacket was one of the many amazing things i picked up at the vintage auctions i went to before i left. It's heavily detailed with intricate small flowers, beads, sequins and has beautiful sheer sleeves to boot. Probably not entirely suitable for a three day camping festival but i ran it anyway.

Highlights of the weekend? Florence and the Machine, The Strokes, Passion Pit, and actually having the chance to meet some of you. Not being covered in head to toe mud was also a surprising bonus. We also ran into Bambi standing in the crowd at the end of the night and i almost died when we started talking. I think she asked something along the lines of where we were from and kindly obliged to a quick (fan) photo. Honestly, i don't even care how bland i look standing next to those piercing blue eyes and beautifully shaped eyebrows, this girl is, and looked, amazing and was absolutely killing it.

And i can finally say that i've returned to full health after battling the first (and only) cold i've had all year. Thank god there's only 3 weeks left of Winter, i'm loving this sunlight and i'm feeling inspired to go take some much overdue photos outside. I'm thinking something bambi inspired after the weekend and i already have a few exciting ideas.

And yes, this would be the first time i've been inspired by a model to style an entire photoshoot. Oh bambi, look what you've done to me...


  1. i envy the sun you had over the weekend!im down with the flu as well (the first and only i hope) and cant wait for winter to be over!

  2. I saw you at the Foals! I wanted to take a photo of you for Tangent Magazine Splendour Fashion article and talk to you about the PA job, but I lost you in the crowd. Gorgeous look!

  3. I love your outfit, that lace jacket is gorgeous! And I'm insanely jealous that you got to meet Bambi... one of my new favorite models, her eyes/brows are amazing!

  4. Hey! very nice floral blazer.
    I do like it!!


    ps: Check out my blog!

  5. That jacket is gorgeous! Love what you wore. The weather really took me by surprise too. Even though I packed for rain and cold weather, I was quite happy that the conditions were quite summery.

  6. You and Bambi both look GORGEOUS! Lucky girl!! I love your outfit too, its so pretty!

  7. thats so awesome that you got to meet bambi! i would've been way too shy to approach ahhh! she is stunning.


  8. Sounds like you had a ton of fun, loving your vintage cardigan. ;)


  9. fantastic jacket! so pretty and delicate
    i'm incredibly jealous of all the people i know who went to splendour!
    and yay for bambi: championning girls with strong eyebrows! she gives me hope haha

    x amie

  10. awesome pics!
    I really adore your jacket!


  11. You look gorgeous, and so does Bambi!

    xoxo, http://heelsandwedges.blogspot.com

  12. i love bambi! and you look so gorgeous!


  13. thats so awesome you met Bambi! you look just as great as she does! and i love your dress with the floral blazer!

  14. haha you girls are WAY too kind. i look tired and terrible next to bambi but i just had to post the photo :)

    i don't think i can part with this jacket just yet either...

  15. that jacket is amazing! :)



  16. You got to go to Splendour while I was wasting away with my HSC. Lucky girl. Lucky, lucky girl.

    I died a few months back because I missed out on Florence + the Machine tickets...and then I realised it was the night before my maths exam. Life is unfair.

    Looking gorgeous as always!

  17. That jacket is absolutely beautiful. This looks like a lot of fun!

  18. The jacket's so pretty! And that's pretty cool how you met Bambi :D

  19. The lace jacket...simply divine i must say ♥

    *following your blog flower*

    Eda ♥


  20. i love with that jacket - i want xxxx

  21. Wow, that jacket is incredible. And I'm pretty sure you are making me want the pink arty ring (I already have one in blue!).

    x The Velvet Bow

  22. That jacket is BEAUTIFUL! And you're so lucky to have met bambi too!

  23. Oh gooooshhh, the jacket is susch divine piece !

  24. Oh lucky you! Splendour in the grass AND meeting Bambi! I can't wait to see the shoot, I'm sure it's going to be amazing!

  25. I love your beautiful and of course great style :)

  26. OH MY GOD 1. you went to splendour 2. you MET BAMBI! 3. that is a killer outfit. I am super jealous :)

  27. love your outfit! the jacket is amaizing!

  28. love your sunglasses :) and love your outfit too..

  29. I bet you are still on cloud 9 after meeting Bambi. I met one of my fave blogger over the week-end and it was just so nice. So yeah i know how you might feel.

  30. So beautiful, the both of you! You're lucky to have ran into her

    xo www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

  31. love the outfit, very inspirational! and lucky running into her, yeah she is very pretty!


  32. aww I saw her too!! I was too embarrassed to get a photo with her though so opted for one of her & Dan her man instead...! It would of been nice to bump into you too but I didn't see you running around in your pink slip at all :(...haha I did the exact same thing as you though..took no appropriate clothes and no photos! anyway...as you said. the music was amazinggg xxxx

  33. Love your outfit, hope you had an amazing time!

    Love Alexandra


  34. ohh i am so jealous that you went to splendour!
    would have killed to see florence! :)
    i love the lace jacket on the slip, i have a top like the jacket. and am now on the hunt for a pretty slip!
    you're amazing!


  35. I love how at Splendour, amongst all the dirty Havaianas and cheap trend dresses you still manage to look perfect!!

    I added you to my blogroll, hope you don't mind - your style is very admirable! xx

  36. Fantastic outfit! Very much looking forward to seeing the photoshoot :) xx Sharon


  37. oh my god that jacket is just simply beautiful in every way, i love the detailing!

  38. sooooo jealous of you! (amazing dress, seeing amazing bands and meeting bambi!) could that get any better! =) lucky duck!

    I'm thinking of cutting off all my hair and i just wish it could look like bambi's does in that photo. I think you may need her face to pull it off though haha

    hope your all better now lovey

    from spin dizzy fall

  39. aww you look so gorgeous here! I love the muted girly color palette and the delicate lace jacket is just amazing!!

    Splendor sounds like an awesome festival! would have been worth the trip from NZ!

  40. your floral jacket is so darling, i would of been too scared to wear it amongst the crowd, mud and mosh!

    i had to blink twice?!! - BAMBI!?!!! total win! you BOTH look gorgeous!

    Come by for a visit!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  41. love the lace ... u look like ur floating in the air...very sweet


    follow if u like what u see?


  42. L0VE L0VE L0VE your amazingly beautiful lace vintage jacket!!!!!
    UGH I can't take my eyes off of it!!!
    She is a true beauty.
    Where do you find all of your amazzzing vintage pieces?!!


    AllMyLove- KaitlynMcCall

  43. Awesome, you were at Splendor too? I flew all the way frm Singapore to attend the music fest. Love your style, please update your shop soon =p