L E O P A R D C I T Y.

(Blouse: Vintage, Band Skirt: Some asian store in Sydney, Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell, Leopard Backpack: Vintage)

Just a few random photos from when we all went to the city the other week. I don't usually walk around in my wedges during the day but in all the rush i packed three pairs of Jeffrey Campbells for the shoot and forgot any form of flat shoe. Lucky for me i find platform wedges extremely comfortable and weirdly enough can walk better in them the higher they are? I think it evens out my really long torso... Anyway, these stockings are so thick and warm that they actually feel more like pants than anything and this leopard backpack is my favourite purchase of the week. It's easy for faux fur to look tacky (especially a leopard print backpack!) when it clashes with bold prints and vibrant colours - two things that are a plenty in my wardrobe, so i don't get to wear it as much as i would like to.

I won't bore you with the business side of the store even though it's consumed my entire week so far but i can tell you that i have started sourcing my new collection which should be up by next week! I had planned a huge road trip and wanted to make it as far up the coast as i could, then stay in a hotel and keep going the next morning but i simply ran out of room in my car and had to turn around. I plan to set out on attempt number two in a week or so when my auctions have closed and all the ciaos of sending out items has settled down again, hopefully i can make it a little further this time!

I feel like i have so many things i want to share with you all but either i'm sworn to secrecy or i don't want to get my hopes up just yet. But I received some cute little surprises in the mail this week and can't wait to do a post dedicated to them with plenty of 'thank you's'. Luke also finished editing the photos for Solestruck.com so hopefully i can post those photos very very soon! For the time being, my friend Chad has been putting together a 'behind the scenes' video of our day in the city that hopefully will be up sometime tomorrow! I fall in love with it just a little bit more every time i watch it so i hope you all like it :))))


  1. I honestly could not love your outfit more. This is exactly the kind of look that I try and emulate. Simple, casual, and yet it makes people stop and think, "Wow, that girl has style." I love it! Especially your shoes!

  2. That backpack is really fierce! I would love to own one:) And I love your style!



  3. These are such nice pictures, and I love your bag!!! You look so chic and elegant, as always!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. That purse is amazing, love the way you styled it with black and white<3

    xo Lynzy
    Come enter my bow headband giveaway!

  5. you look so great... I love such a simple combinations.

  6. You look so gorgeous! Lovely photos and post.

  7. Perfect outfit!

    xo www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

  8. Wow! Love your outfit!!! Gorgeouse!!!


  9. you look gorgeous as always i hate leopard but the minimal in this outfit and the way you styled it i just love it now :) <3

  10. very simple, yet incredibly eye-catching. can't wait to see the finished products :-)

  11. That blouse is gorgeous. Your styling is impeccable :)

  12. oh thank you! this was just a very basic outfit i threw together for the car trip - i needed to be as comfortable as possible so lucky everything i'm wearing is :)

  13. Lovely outfit, the bag is killer!

  14. This is such a perfectly simple outfit. Loving the touch of leopard.
    Yes - that's the best thing about wedges is that they are so comfy. I'm terrible with packing flat shoes too


  15. amazing outfit. you can pull off anything!! lots of love xx

  16. you look amazing!
    leopard is always hot!!


  17. Love photos..
    the second photo in black & white is stunning..

    gorgeous outfit..

  18. looks like all your hard work and store is doing very well! you should be really proud - your an inspiration!

    the road trip sounds appealing indeed, i hardly ever get behind the wheel due to the convenient access of public transport in the city, so an open road sounds amazing right now! loving the whole ensemble and the cute leopard backpack!

    Come by for a visit!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  19. perfect photos and perfect model- as always!
    I adore this blog!


  20. Your bag is too cute!
    Eat, Sleep, Denim <3

  21. beautiful photos. also lovin the chiffon top and the pop of animal print in the bag.

    do send me some crazy love over at deathbyplatforms.blogspot.com when you have the time. :)

  22. great pictures... by the way, you look beautiful


  23. love the outfit. do u have a fav vintage store in sydney? im visiting there in another week and i cant wait to go shopping. the weather now is crazy cold. u either make huge sacrifices to wear these pieces or brave enough to wear in this freezing freezing weather.

  24. so sexy ;) and im thinking i oguhtta try to do a diy backpack like yours


  25. Hey love, you spelt Sydney wrong!

    cheers x

  26. I love the boot. So pretty! You have funny shape legs haha :)

  27. haha thank you maria - i had not even noticed!

    anon: you're right! sometimes they go bow legged when i have to wear really tall heels. like i said, i think it's my long torso that makes everything uneven. haha :)