So i think it's safe to say for the sake of my mental well being, i don't think i will ever be listing 200 items in store again, or at least anytime soon. After nearly losing my mind trying to send out 150 parcels in just two days and wrapping garment after garment for 13 hours straight, i had a few unfortunate events happen in the space of three days that seemed to leave me short on time and neglecting the things that i love, like my blog. I may or may not have realized after painfully waiting at the post office for half an hour that i'd left my wallet at home, had my sewing needles snap off twice- once flying straight into my eye (note: i give you permission to laugh here, it really never happens!) and lost about 3 hours of work in photoshop just yesterday after spending the entire morning editing photos. But i know life goes on and on the scale of things, these are so small that i will be laughing by the end of the day :)

But i have been itching to get out of the house and go opshopping all week. It's a bad case of 'cabin fever' or perhaps, 'vintage fever', and i can't wait to have my new listings in store tomorrow night so i can finally get back to doing some things that i love, like:

1. Going opshopping by myself and expl
oring new vintage.

2. Being inspired by the walls of colors in material stores.

3. Making some new DIY projects and no doubt super gluing my fingers together.

4. Putting things in places where they don't belong and seeing if anyone will notice.

5. Eating a very big amount of peanut butter chocolate and not feeling guilty afterward.

6. Wearing cheezels as rings on each of my fingers.

7. Spending some time with luke since he got back from hawaii.
8. Going somewhere beautiful for the afternoon and falling asleep.

9. And lastly, updating gary pepper pieces with some new stock it so desperately needs like this cute as a button rose pleated belt. (Yes, i honestly love my work so much that i suppose i'm working even on my days off?)

I've also just announced our new giveaways for 2010! Simply suggest our facebook page to your friends list and go into the running to WIN a 1 year subscription to one of my favorite magazines: frankie, RUSSH or nylon, you choose! I will be drawing the winner in just one month and is open to all national & international readers! You can click here to become a fan and don't forget, the more friends of yours that join, the more entries you get! GPV has over 5, 300 fans so far and i truly appreciate all the beautiful comments you all leave for me every single day.

So thank you, you honestly make weeks like this feel a hundred times better :)


  1. Oh nicole you have no idea I am so itching to go op shopping like crazy! I haven't been for over 2 months and I swear I am getting the shakes haha.

    Congrats on the fan count, so happy for you! You have to be Australia's best online vintage store by now! :D xx

  2. Oh my god, Nicole, listing 50 items drives me bananas so I have no idea how you did it. Seriously.
    I went op-shopping today to satisfy the craving and it was wonderful.

    Sometimes with our line of work it's so easy to accidentally lock yourself in a room with a computer and a sewing machine and a ton of dresses and not leave for like 5 days isn't it? xoxo Good luck with your workload.


  3. Omg, I've had sewing needles fly into my face numerous amounts of time.. Good to see you're okay :)

  4. Twin Cat Vintage pretty much said exactly what I was going to say... damn, too slow on the uptake today!


  5. that bowl of american chocolate looks great! and i think i'll get some cheezels today yum!

    Twin cat said was i thinking and then so did brooke haha. Your the best!
    Isn't it the most frustrating thing when your computer has a breakdown and its completely out of your control!

    That giveaway sounds amazing! I've been meaning to subscribe to frankie for the past year but im waiting on a nice gift (that they give away when you subscribe) haha
    Keep up the amazing work


  6. oh i absolutely love that you all wrote back to this, especially as you can all relate with your vintage ebay stores :)

    i am really starting to believe that we need to band together and form some sort of 'crisis hotline'. i just feel so sorry for my boyfriend sometimes...

    sam, i could not agree with you more. it's so hard to know when to stop and go to bed!

  7. haha yes a hotline would be good but then we'd get nothing done!

    Wow that is weird haha. I put new film in the camera today and its working! so hoepfully the photos are cool. Just found out my dad had the same camera when he was in his 20s and i love the photos he took.
    If only they still developed square photos or ones with rounded corners, that would be a dream =)


  8. ooh reece's pieces and cheezels... the way to my heart. I am, in love with your photo (8.) I could just get lost in it.


  9. ooh i freak out everytime i snap another sewing needle, happens to me a lot, luckily i haven't got a piece in my eye! how's your eye hopefully nothing too major?

    haha oh the days of cheezel finger rings, now i'm craving them! :P

  10. Admitting to everyday things is awkwardly inspiring. Alot of people pretend not to do them when they blog. But, Cheezels while driving i think could get a little messy. xx loving your blog

  11. I just remembered something funny that happened to
    me and thought I'd tell you. The day you posted this I actually did get cheezels when I was at the store. I was craving them when I left so ate them on my way home in the car. When I
    went to turn offthe main road a crazy driver pulled out in front of me and I had to brake whilst in the path of an
    oncomig bus! I
    know it doesn't really sound like a funny story but it
    is when you hear that I couldn't honk at this hooligan to tell them to "move ahhhhh' because I had the cheezels on my fingers! In the end I survived and live o tell this tale.

    Saw you in the Frankie newsletter today! Fricken awesome!

  12. I loveee your style!
    Your clothes are amazing!
    Have bought heaps of stuff from you before :)
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