I was planning on taking some photos of my warm and toasty outfit today to celebrate the first day of autumn, but due to a ridiculous amount (let's say, 140) of items that need to be hemmed and ready to go in just two days, i fell short of time. But wasn't today just.. perfect? There's a storm outside, it's freezing cold, i have a hot cup of tea and my mum's bright red ugg boots on, and i've been listening to the wind shake not only the trees but the house all day. see.. perfect! To top it all off, my room mate has been cooking massaman thai in the slow cooker all day and the house has the most tantalizing aromas floating around. Down fall is that my washing is still on the line and i've been too scared to go see what exactly has disappeared in this wind.

I have some unexpected exciting news to announce. I woke up to a lovely email from Jessica in New York from Stylebook this morning and have just issued the rights to have one of my photos used for their new Iphone app that tyra banks calls 'A stylish new app.. really cool' that will hopefully be available later this month. Apparently, my outfit will be one of the default photos that comes with the application in the inspiration folder and will include my personal deets and links back to my website and gary pepper vintage. How random is that? For a girl who likes to stay in her pyjamas all day, still thinks there's someone in the house when she's home alone, and personally doesn't see herself with 'style' let alone try to, i don't think i'll ever really understand why people take interest, nor will i ever get used to it...

Here are some bits and pieces i just listed on gary pepper pieces too. The gold wombat and mini pendant collection are some of my favourites. So happy first day of autumn, everyone! I can't wait to see what the rest of this glorious season will bring for us :)

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  1. ah, le pearl you're back!

    i have missed you on here :)

  2. i agree with everything you said about autumn (lets be 'we love autumn' lovers). Working from home is the best! I try not to rub it in my friends faces but its so good its hard not too haha