Want want want// need need need:

Clair inc has just updated their online store with their fabulous january listings for 2010. Unfortunately, i checked their blog too little too late and missed out on this amazing valentino jumper by a couple of hours, apparently it sold as soon as it went online and for only $345! I was surprised by how quickly i decided that i needed this (approx 3.2 seconds, seriously) and by how much i was willing to spend. But i was more surprised when i emailed belinda at clair inc inquiring about this little gem and ended up telling her, for some unknown reason, that i like to blog about her store, she then replied "Your blog is BEAUTIFUL! Love your ebay shop. So good to see a stylish ebay store in Australia with great trend based vintage. Beautiful styling too!". woah, if only you knew how much that means to me, belinda. If only you knew...

You can check out claire inc here or join her facebook page here. I would hi
ghly suggest it as her new items are defiantly swoon worthy...



  1. Been following Claireinc for well over a year now... it's nice to look but I know I will never be able to afford anything from her shop.


  2. I can see why you want that Valentino jacket. I would buy it too.

  3. i know, amy- isn't it amazing! :)