Impatiently, i had to wait a couple of days to publish this post as it would have given away the surprise for my dear friend, Eleanor, to whom these were a gift for her 21st birthday. But now that they are safely in her possession as of last Friday, i can happily share with you my very first Etsy purchase! Arriving from the States in all their glory are these cute little lace ups that fit like a pixie boot and belong on a ninja. I knew it was meant to be when i look inside and realized they were by a spanish brand called 'NICOLE'. Weird, huh? I should probably tell Eleanor that i'll be following her wherever she goes now...

Anyway, I've recently had quite a lot of people email me asking about where i get my boots from. Alt
hough i find mine all locally at op shops, Etsy.com is the only online store that i have seen such a beautiful and impressive collection of vintage boots. So if you are after a pair of your own, go on Etsy and have a look. I promise you won't be disappointed as i know i was over the moon with mine :)

{Boots: Vintage, Top: Witchery.}


  1. Wow! Etsy for boots? Oh now you have done it...

    *goes off to splurge*

    Damn you!

  2. Snap. http://katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com/2009/04/thrifted-tuesday.html