Usually i don't find anything that impresses me at car boot sales besides the friendly, over polite elderly and their homemade shortbread. There's the usual soap stalls, jewelery stands or even dog biscuits made especially for your pooch. But this weekend i picked up four new items that i absolutely love. Just a sneak peek of next weeks listings:

{From left to right: Vintage silk double breasted white jacket, Vintage black sheer window cardigan, Vintage double breasted white vest, Vintage cream pleated dress with lace detail.}


  1. wow, i can't believe you wash everything before selling. dedication!

  2. Hello Sarah. These were hung purely for the photo :) I tend not to buy items that have any marks or stains because there's not enough time in the day to wash everything.

    Oh, and i can't believe you've never had macaroons before. They're pure sugar but oh so tasty!