Due to one of my friends, i feel like i have turned into a 6 year old who stomps their feet and complains "i wanttt oneee" every time i hear about her and her beloved penpals. Secretly locked away in a little wooden box are several letters i still keep from my best friend in year 5 who moved half a block away and therefor, became my very first and only penpal. Even though we wrote about our pets, swimming pools and our pommy- speaking alter egos, they still warm my heart and make me smile every time i read them. But obviously penpals are hard to come by these days. There's even websites called "Penpal World" and "Easy Penpals" that help you 'connect' with other fellow, shall we call them, penpalers. I haven't resorted to this.. yet.. but it's been heavily taken into consideration. Some of my absolute favorite things in this world are arts & craft, posting/receiving mail and cute cute stationary paper. All i need is a penpal to satisfy all of the above. Is that too much to ask?


  1. how far away does a penpal have to be? i've just stumbled along your blog through your ebay store... my favourite things include craft and stationary too..

  2. I wish people would still put time and effort into writing real letters to each other on beautiful hand-made paper :)

  3. Haha, Nicole, i've just been re-reading your old posts and came across this one, and I remembered that I was meaning to reply to it back at the time you wrote it!!
    I completely agree with what you're saying here! Penpals seems so nostaligic and romantic (not in a lovey way, just in how adorable it is) and I've always wanted one since I was little, I have hoards of adorable stationary, paper and stamps and just can't stop myself buying even more when I come across it, even though I have pretty much nothing to do with it all! It would be perfect penpal writing material, so if you still want one we can be overseas penpals!! <3

    Ceri x