Hello. Would you like a cup of tea? coffee? latte? I've never been good at introductions so we'll keep this short and sweet. I'm Nicole. I'm based on the Central Coast, NSW. I have bad humor and skinny ankles . I'm a fashion student who started her love affair with vintage nearly 5 years ago, and yes, we're still happily involved. So let's nervously giggle, smile and nod, and pretend we've already known each other for years. If you're reading this, you've more than likely visited my Ebay store- garypeppervintage. I'd like to happily introduce you to her sister- The GPV Blog. With my very first post, i am optimistic that she will become a regular in my daily routine and hopeful she'll run as smoothly as my store. She'll be kept updated with new vintage finds, pointless stories, tales, frills, kind words and pretty things. So be sure to keep visiting, peeps.

And please don't worry. I think you guys will be great friends :) :)


  1. So for the last hour or so I spend reading all your posts and finally reached numero uno :)
    I can´t tell you how much I admire you. Your style is absolutely amazing, your store is incredible and you are so beautiful :)

    Anyways keep it up and just remember that you are inspiring a million people out there Nicole!

    X Francheska

  2. Whoa, I've been reading your blog for a really long time, and I finally reached the first one! You have grown so much, and I truly admire your determination, humor, writing, style, outlook on pretty much everything. I'm really proud of how far you came and hope that one day my dreams will become a reality just like yours.

    Love, Sheila

  3. I'm another one that spent a good time reading your whole blog! I'm curous about some pretty sttylish bloggers started blogging! Your photos are so fresh, so inspiring! Well, I think you that already!

    Kisses from Brazil,

  4. I did the same :) I went all the way through your blog posts and I can't believe how far you have come. You have inspired me and I'm sure many others with your talent, beauty and hard work. Definitely my favourite blog ever.

  5. hello,

    I just am so inspired by all you post from when to started to the present... it's an amazing path! Very inspiring! Congrats on all your achievement and wish you all the best for the future!

  6. My friend and I are hoping to become as successful as you are today. I remember following your blog early last year and its amazing and inspiring to see how far you have come in such a short period of time and at such a young age. Its people like you who show everyone else that nothing is impossible, once you have a dream everything else will follow (with hard work at the start I might add). But nonetheless keep doing what you do best, goodluck with all your future endeavours.

    Misaki Boutique xx