It's 30 degrees outside and any normal human would be outdoors soaking up the sunshine. But not i. Yes, as i was about to hop, skip and jump straight out the front door and onto the sand, i remembered that this store is my baby, and ya'll are my number one's, my numero uno, the dressing on my salad and grapes on my vine. I want you cats to be dressed in only the best kinds of vintage. But before you go start feeling guilty that heaven forbid, i should happen to go opshopping again, i want to show you why it was totally worth sacrificing a little bit of skin cancer to be inside on a day like this.

At my local Vinnies i picked up: 3 pairs of cheap Monday skinny leg jeans, 1 cheap Monday jacket & singlet, 2 gold rodeo show dresses & 1 fringed Natasha Gan top- all brand new with tags. Not so vintage but just as good nonetheless.

Unfortunately, today was not in any way cheap Tuesday, nor Cheap Monday either. But i could not let these items pass. So let me emphasize what i mean by ya'll are my number ones. New listings go up next Wednesday and these items will be listed for cost price. The exact amount i paid for them. er, what? no profit? $40? excited? me too :)

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