M A C A R O O N .

One of the many talented people i had the pleasure of meeting was the gorgeous Amanda of Here Comes The Sun. If you're reading this from New Zealand then you have more than likely heard of her and her adorable blog. It's kind of like the New Zealand version of Day Dream Lily, another daily blog i follow everyday. I've been going through her archives since we met last week and now i want to share her beautiful world with all of you too. She's super sweet, kind and looked amazing in a coral polkadot Gary Pepper dress i lent for the shoot - her cute kiwi accent doesn't help either! We went out for a lovely dinner, shared a bottle of wine, spoke about how excited we were for the campaign and excitedly tried our first macaroon on the way home from a cute little patisserie on the corner.

I also met the divine Adrian from Idobelieveicamewithahat.com who was lovely enough to accompany us on our very first date with a macaroon (Yes, can you believe i've never had on before?). He resides in Paris where he writes his book and after getting to know him over the past few days it only makes sense he would live in such a beautiful place. He's probably one of the best dressed humans i've had the pleasure of meeting as i don't know too many people that can pull off wearing fur and Louis Vutton on a beach at 6am in the morning. Idobelievei'mtakingmyhatofftoyouadrian :)

Things don't seem to be slowing down here either as i'm flying out to Melbourne again at 6:30am tomorrow morning. Another day, another meeting. I plan on working like a maniac when i get back so i can have my new listings in store by the end of the week. Expect a little sneak peek on my facebook page over the next few days, so many amazing items coming to the store!



  1. She is adorable! Thank you a heck load for introducing her, I'm definitely falling head over heels! The Macaroons and the campaign sounded lovely. You're a great part of an inspiration to me! I'm deadly a great fan of your blog! (L)


  2. Thanks for the blog link :) I love finding new bloggers from my favs. Can't wait to see the sneak peek x

  3. cool...I had never even heard of her!..so funny you think our accent is cute. hehe. Loved the link anyway! :)

  4. the macaroons looks delicious, would you mind telling me where the patisserie is located at? thanks.

  5. I love the pictures! The tones are amazing.

  6. Will check her out! I love finding new blogs so thanks for this ;-)

  7. Can't wait to see next collection coming up.

  8. what type of camera do you usually use for your serious fashion photos? or the person that takes them? I love the way they come out :)

    thank you

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  10. The pictures actually look like macarons, the French cookie made famous by Laduree which are actually different from the North American macaroon:




  11. I love amanda's blog! And I love love love macarons. In France they have shops filled with them in all different flavours :D


  12. Once I eat one, I cannot stop! Love macaroons and your blog. x


  13. Looks like you had a ball. I've been to this patisserie before too and love their lemon macarons.

    If you're in the area and feel like a good schnitzel, I recommend Una's next door =)

  14. Macaroons are one of life's little joys. Not every place does them well - but when you find that perfect crisp outer shell and sweet filling - ahhhh.

  15. Either you have the tiniest hands in the world, or that is the biggest macaroon I have ever seen! Either way it's making me hungry!


  16. thats exactly how I explain Amandas blog!! shes my NZ twin. thanks for the link to DDL.


  17. omygosh, i was at that little patisserie just last week! (: the lemon macaroon is to die for. (:


  18. Ah how lovely to see these amazing bunch of people you've met! I had my first macaroon the other week- I went for afternoon tea in the city. I actually said to Darren - next time I meet up with Nicole, we will have to do afternoon tea. They have tasty mini-macaroons! :-) x

  19. i can't believe it, i had the lemon macaroon there too! it was so amazing and amanda is the one holding the green one (megg: i suppose she does have tiny hands?). haha.

    And thank you anon. I kind of felt like it was exactly like the Masterchef scandal where they didn't know the difference between a macaroon and a macaron :)

    PS. Chrissy, we're totally having afternoon/high tea next time Email me when you're not busy and we'll plan a date, i miss you! actually, scrap that. i'm just going to write to you now :)

  20. I just came by your blog and i think it's very inspiring and actuallt quite cool, very nice. I'm def. a new follower.
    Good Work.

    ^^ Take a look and follow me if you like.

  21. Such lovely picutres, I love your blog! You got a new follower :)

  22. great blog.... where is this pastisserie? ive been looking for a place that makes macarons as delicious as the ones made by La Duree....

  23. i find it ironic that you met with the guy who made this: http://idobelieveicamewithahat.com/2011/05/macaronmacaroon-lets-call-the-whole-thing-off/
    yet you still spell/pronounce it wrong