I'm here! Finally arrived in Melbourne this morning and can't wait to explore what this place has to offer, i've only heard amazing things! The trip has already started off pretty funny. I sadly discovered this morning that the 15 year old at macdonalds had forgotten to give me maple syrup with my hotcakes (how does that happen?) which laura thought was just hilarious. After i woke up from my delirious 5:30am state I got my revenge when i discovered she kind of had a fear of flying and 'surprised' her when we were landing :)

We plan on going to camberwell markets tomorrow morning, hitting up Fitzroy road and Brunswick, then dinner with a setting sun over the wharf at St.Kilda which i've heard is absolutely stunning. If you guys have any suggestions on where to go and what to see, good shops or amazing places to eat, please let me know! Any suggestion would be wonderful as i'm only here until monday.

But our first stop? Starbucks for a caramel mocha frappachino and warm plate of banana bread, yes please :)



  1. Hey there,
    I recommend you check out Sydney rd and Brunswick St. So many good op shops. Check out Savers if your prepared for a rummage which can often be rewarding.
    Happy hunting!

  2. go tooo madame brussels! its the most gorgeous place to go for drinks, and it has an outdoor bit on a rooftop

    i don't know anyone who doesn't love it :)

  3. Oh yes, go to Madame Brussels - my lecturer co-owns it! Get a jugs of Pimms.

    For better coffee than Starbucks - go to Centre Way or Degraves Street - right near Flinders Street Station. Coffee Heaven. Or St Ali in South Melbourne (near St Kilda).

    For amazing bagels - go to Jungle Juice in Centre Way. Cutest little cafe ever.

    Have a great time at the Camberwell markets. That place is a gold mine. Visit the Lego man.

    Also. I just recently discovered Gary Pepper Vintage- LOVE your work. And YOU are an absolute stunner.

    Enjoy Melbourne! xx

  4. I love the ring on your right hand!where is it from?
    you are gorgeous!


  5. degraves st in the city for lovely cafe ambience + little cupcakes!
    alice euphemia in the flinders lane arcade!

  6. I don't have any suggestions, but....I think I'm going to have to run out and get some banana bread! :) Have fun in Melbourne!

    -Jane @

  7. Degraves and Flinders Lane - Lady Petrova is such a beautiful shop and RetroStar Vintage Clothing in the Flinder's Lane Arcade.

    Also the Toff on Swanston Street is great for a drink - it's inside the Curtin House which has an amazing book shop.

    Hope you enjoy the Camberwell Markets they're so good.

  8. Enjoy Melbourne its a lovely place to live sure you will enjoy it.. lots of great op shopping places.. if you like the coast head down to mornington some great places there that are not looked through that often xx

  9. There is this japanese restaurant on Swanston st that I basically live for. And of course I can't remember it's name now! But it is right across the road from Curtin House and has an epic menu with drinks to die for.

    Curtin House has a bookshop to die for.

    Flinders Lane arcade has some amazing shops. And walking down Elizabeth Street there is an awesome second hand shop I can't help but go into whenever I'm there. It is near Flinders St station - like across the road.

    That Starbucks looks delish! Om nom nom.

    Have funn! :)

  10. hey!, you are absolutely gorgeous and must say I love your life-vibe. Sorry that made up word from me sounds bizarre, but really.. its not that tacky when you feel it.
    I posted you onto my blog;

  11. Everyone has already recommended you some lovely places to visit, it's a shame you're not here on a weekend that we're running Blackbird Market on Brunswick St, I know you would have loved it so much.

    Alas, try Soul Mama for dinner at St Kilda seabaths, as it has the most spectacular view in the world. Follow it up with some drinks over at The Vineyard on Acland St and my favourite places to end the evening are Madame Brussels for rooftop cocktails and down the street to Carlton Club, with its life-size pearl necklace wearing ostrich and giraffe.

    Hope you enjoy our great city!

  12. Hey I just stumbled upon your blog about a week ago and I have to say, I LOVE YOUR SENSE OF STYLE. Also, is that the ysl ring? if so, I'm SO JEALOUS.

  13. thank you all for all of your input :) it really came in handy!

    sam- how i wish i was there for blackbird, would of been lovely to meet you too.

    and diya- my ring is by YSL :)